Gay brains mirror differences found in brains of the opposite sex.

Don’t know if the headline gets across what I’m trying to say so I’ll just let the news article speak for itself:

Scans see ‘gay brain differences’ – BBC News

The brains of gay men and women look like those found in heterosexual people of the opposite sex, research suggests.

The Swedish study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, compared the size of the brain’s halves in 90 adults.

Gay men and heterosexual women had halves of a similar size, while the right side was bigger in lesbian women and heterosexual men.

A UK scientist said this was evidence sexual orientation was set in the womb.

[…] A group of 90 healthy gay and heterosexual adults, men and women, were scanned by the Karolinska Institute scientists to measure the volume of both sides, or hemispheres, of their brain.

When these results were collected, it was found that lesbians and heterosexual men shared a particular “asymmetry” in their hemisphere size, while heterosexual women and gay men had no difference between the size of the different halves of their brain.

In other words, structurally, at least, the brains of gay men were more like heterosexual women, and gay women more like heterosexual men.

A further experiment found that in one particular area of the brain, the amygdala, there were other significant differences.

In heterosexual men and gay women, there were more nerve “connections” in the right side of the amygdala, compared with the left.

The reverse, with more neural connections in the left amygdala, was the case in homosexual men and heterosexual women.

It pretty much speaks for itself. It’s not so much a lifestyle choice as a matter of biological development. For the folks involved in the study it’s pretty much a closed case:

“As far as I’m concerned there is no argument any more – if you are gay, you are born gay,” he said.

Of course this won’t stop any of the Conservative Christian groups out there who claim they can “cure” gay people of their sinful ways, but then reality isn’t an issue for those group’s decision making processes to begin with.

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Didn’t see this one coming. Apparently Dumbledore was gay.

JK Rowling says wizard Dumbledore is gay –

Speaking at Carnegie Hall on Friday night in her first U.S. tour in seven years, Rowling confirmed what some fans had always suspected—that she “always thought Dumbledore was gay,” reported entertainment Web site E! Online.

Rowling said Dumbledore fell in love with the charming wizard Gellert Grindelwald but when Grindelwald turned out to be more interested in the dark arts than good, Dumbledore was “terribly let down” and went on to destroy his rival.

That love, she said, was Dumbledore’s “great tragedy.”

“Falling in love can blind us to an extent,” she said.

The audience reportedly fell silent after the admission—then erupted into applause.

Rowling said she had read through a script for the movie adaptation of the sixth book in the series, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” and corrected a passage in which Dumbledore was reminiscing about past loves by crossing it out and scrawling “Dumbledore is gay” over it.

I never would’ve suspected that Dumbledore was supposed to be a gay character, but then I suppose that was probably the point. It should make re-reading the novels in the future a little more interesting as now I’ll be looking to see if there’s any subtle hints as to Dumbledore’s sexuality in them.

Update: Had to include the LOLCat once I saw it.

Oops. Jerry Lewis offends gays during his most recent telethon.

Poor Jerry. Comedy is hard at the best of times, but it can’t be easy when you’re 81 years-old and in the 18th hour of a 24 hour telethon. I suppose that’s why I’m willing to cut him a little slack for the slip up he had during the most recent ‘thon:

The 81-year-old showman — prowling about the stage during the live telecast Monday in Las Vegas — was goofing around and dodging his cameraman, then went into a ramble about imaginary family members.

“Oh, your family has come to see you,” he said, speaking to the camera and gesturing toward thin air.

“You remember Bart, your older son,” he said, and motioning toward another unseen character, “Jesse, the illiterate f——-.

“No,” Lewis said, quickly stopping himself before continuing.

The folks at the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation were, understandably, annoyed and released a statement condemning the reference. To his credit Lewis isn’t making excuses and has offered an apology:

In a statement Tuesday, Lewis said he was making “a joking comment to a member of my production team.”

“I apologize to anyone who was offended,” he went on. “Everyone who knows me understands that I hold no prejudices in this regard. In the family atmosphere of the telethon, I forget that not everyone knows me that well.

“That something like this would distract from the true purpose of the telethon pains me deeply. … I accept responsibility for what I said. There are no excuses,” he said.

I’m not a big fan of Jerry Lewis and I have no idea how much good his telethon does for his “kids”, but it seems to be popular with some segment of the population and it’s impressive the man is still giving it his all at this late stage of his life. Personally I think we should let this one slide. Considering the crap that comes out of some Republican Senator’s mouths about gays, Jerry’s slip of the tongue is hardly worth getting too upset about.

Siegfried and Roy announce what everyone pretty much already knew.

Here’s a big (non) shocker: Siegfried and Roy have announced that they’re… get ready for it…  GAY!

Siegfried and Roy announce they’re gay – People

According to The National Enquirer, the two are writing a tell-all book about their lives together, and in it they finally admit they were once lovers. When their affair ended, they remained partners and good friends.

Is this really news to anyone that is even remotely familiar with this duo? Hell I think the fact that they were gay was half the appeal of their act for a lot of people.