A lot of life is like this…

I love the Planet Earth documentary series, but they’d be a lot more entertaining if they were more like this clip. NSFW Warning: This video clip contains almost non-stop “fucks” so lower the volume if you play it at work.

Found via Greg Laden’s Blog.

He said WHAT?

There were a bunch of Indians here in Ontario who, about a dozen years ago, occupied land they claimed was theirs.

One thing led to another and the end result was that one of the unarmed natives got shot to death, and that’s why the cops have been hesitant to uphold the law as far as illegal Indian Land Claims are concerned.

They just finished the inquest into the death this week, and in reporting on it, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. had a piece of tape in which the Premier of Ontario (He’s the big shot politician) said; “I want the fucking Indians off that land!”

Now since it was a public comment by the premier, the C.B.C. felt this was a good excuse to get the word “fuck” on the air and that’s about all we have been hearing on the radio for the last two days. “I want those fucking Indians off that land!”

It got so bad with this juvenile excuse to use profanity on public radio that I am surprised it didn’t go any further!

The radio interviews could have sunk to new lows something like this:

“He said what!”

“Well sir, he said; ‘I want those fucking Indians off that land!’”

“No, he didn’t really say fuck, did he?”

“Yes sir, fuck!” “Loud as day!”

“Jesus Christ!”

“No sir, fuck!”

…. “fuckin Indians, eh!”

Yes sir, fuckin Indians!”

“Well holy fuck, I never that I would here the Premier say that!”

“Fuckin right sir, loud as day!”

Boy, what’s this fuckin world coming too?”

“Fucked if I know!”

Your “wash your mouth out with soap” scribe;
Allan W Janssen