PAC-MAN: The Movie (trailer).

Word has it that Hollywood is making a movie based on the PAC-MAN video game. This is not that movie, but if it’s not at least half as good as this fan made trailer then they’ve wasted their time:


Fan made “Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing” film is really good.

I’m a long time fan of the Call of Duty franchise so when several folks sent me links to this YouTube fan film based on the Modern Warfare editions I just had to check it out. In a word, amazing:

I’m always saying how amazed I am at what can be accomplished with off-the-shelf software these days and this one is no exception. It’s the sort of thing me and my friends used to dream of doing back when we were kids, but much better realized than anything we could have come up with.

By the way, total cost was apparently a mere $209.42. Can’t wait to see the next part when it’s released.