“Fallout 3” for the Xbox 360 on torrent sites 3 weeks before release date.

Every now and then you’ll hear some game publisher bemoaning piracy on the PC and threatening to go console only as though that would stop piracy in its tracks. Shame there’s no truth in that claim:

Code of Bethesda’s highly-anticipated follow-up to Oblivion, Fallout 3, has already been leaked onto the internet and is available on various torrent sites.

The official game isn’t due for release until October 28 in the US and October 31 in Europe, but the Xbox 360 version of the game has been hacked and at the time of writing had well over 2000 people downloading the 6.52GB file on one site alone.

The hacked version of the game would only be playable on an illegally modified Xbox 360.

It is true that the number of modded 360s is probably pretty low and acts somewhat as a barrier against the piracy being too extensive, but piracy still happens even on consoles. If you can make it they can break it and they’ll probably do it long before you ship the game.