This is one, of many, reasons I am against the death penalty.

I would love for someone to explain to me why the man on the left was executed while the man on the right had his sentenced changed to life in prison. There was all manner of reason for doubt about Troy Davis’ guilt and little to no doubt on Samuel Crowe’s, yet the black man was put to death and the white man will be living out his years behind bars. This makes no sense.

If I’m to be completely honest, I’d have little problem with the State of Georgia, or any other state, putting Samuel Crowe to death given both the nature of his crime and the fairly solid evidence that he’s guilty of it. It’s clear, however, that we cannot trust the government to apply capital punishment in a non-biased and logical fashion based on solid evidence. Capital punishment is disproportionately applied to minorities with blacks in particular being executed at a rate several times higher than whites for similar crimes. This is the ultimate punishment requiring the ultimate in both fairness and certainty before being applied to anyone. If that isn’t possible then it shouldn’t be used at all. There are other reasons not to use it as well, but this is definitely a big one.