SEB is going on hiatus.

I mentioned previously that I was once again considering shutting down SEB due to various factors including the cost, the impact it has on the shared hosting service I’m using, and the fact that I’m just not blogging much at the moment. Well, that day has come.

After 4,294 days — or more specifically¬†11 years, 9 months, and 2 days — I’m going to shut things down until I can figure out a cheaper hosting solution or our finances improve. Right now we’re surviving on just my income and I get paid twice a month. The majority of the first check goes towards rent and with other expenses coming out before the next paycheck arrives, the choice came down to spending $120 for the next three months of hosting or using it to buy groceries. While I am trying to lose weight, I still need to eat something.

I did look at several suggestions for cheaper hosting, but after contacting several of them and discussing how traffic heavy SEB can be most of them didn’t think they’d make a good home. Dreamhost’s WordPress virtual server seemed like the best bet, but they’re not setup to support multi-blog installations so I’d have to also have a shared hosting account for the other blogs I host and that drove the cost back up.

That said, I am making backups of SEB and the other blogs so that if I do manage to find a new home for them I can drop everything back into place. Hopefully. Perhaps I’ll get lucky and win the lotto soon and can afford a really nice dedicated server. Until then you can keep up with my blatherings on Google+. It’s been a great almost 12 years. I’m sure I’ll be back sooner or later in one form or another. Thanks to all of you who dropped by regularly to see what thing I was ranting about.