U.K. woman dials emergency services to report stolen snowman.

Pic of a snowman thief.Over in the U.K. when you want to report a fire or a robbery you pick up the phone and dial 999 and are immediately connected to helpful personnel who will assist you with whatever the emergency happens to be.

And, just like here in America, they have to deal with the occasional idiotic call:

During the conversation she said: “There’s been a theft from outside my house.

“I haven’t been out to check on him for five hours but I went outside for a fag and he’s gone.”

When she was asked who had gone, the woman replied: “My snowman. I thought that with it being icy and there not being anybody about, he’d be safe.”

She was then asked whether it was an ornament, and answered: “No, a snowman made of snow, I made him myself.

“It ain’t a nice road but at the end of the day, you don’t expect someone to nick your snowman, you know what I mean?”

The operator then told her she had rung an emergency line and she should not be calling it to report the theft of a snowman.

Apparently the woman figured it was a theft worth reporting because she had used a couple of pound coins for the eyes and some silverware for the arms, but that’s still not really enough to justify the call especially when the emergency services are busy dealing with the fallout from inclement weather, which it was at the time.

Still, there’s something comforting in knowing that America isn’t the sole repository of the world’s idiots.