“Teabagging for Jesus” with Edward Current.

He’s back and he’s joined the Tebagger Movement:

You have to admit, he has an impressive argument.

Edward Current says “Atheists Can’t Think For Themselves!”

Edward’s back with more on his War On Atheism series. This one is so good I nearly choked on my popcorn:

Found via Atheist Media Blog.

Edward Current explains Why Christians Fight to Stay Alive.

Remember a few weeks back I wrote about a study which showed that terminally ill devout Christians were more likely to seek aggressive life saving efforts than non-Christians? Remember I asked why it is that Christians are so reluctant to go to Heaven when it’s supposedly so great? Edward Current has the answer:

It all makes so much more sense now.

Edward Current says “Evolution Shmevolution!”

Ed’s back with another devastating(ly funny) demolition of Evolution:

Watching his videos always gives me a weird feeling of deja vu.

Edward Current wants you to pray for his grampa.

Ed’s back to show us how Christians aren’t selfish and how prayer is better than doing nothing at all:

Edward Current asks “What if God disappeared?”

More spot-on parody by Edward Current. The sad part is I’ve heard some of those arguments used in all seriousness by Christians over the years.

Edward Current takes on Occam’s Razor.

Ed’s back and as spot on as usual:

It’s almost scary.

Edward Current takes on the Five Biggest LIES About Christianity.

Edward Current is back with more subtle satire that’s right on the money:

Found over at the Atheist Media Blog.

Edward Current’s amazing new prayer invention!

Ed’s back and as funny as ever:

I so have to get Pat Robertson one of those.

Edward Current is back and he wants to “Keep Porno Out Of Daycare Centers!”

This time he has ads for Kevin Smith’s new movie in his sights:

As always, if you didn’t know it was satire ahead of time then you might not be able to tell. Funny stuff.

Found over at the Atheist Media Blog.