“Dragonball Revolution” trailer hits the net and looks absolutely moronic.

I admit that I’ve never been a fan of the Dragonball Z anime series. I thought it was stupid and overblown and mind numbingly dull. The fact that it’s been hugely popular with anime fans both in Japan and here in the States for years just shows that my fellow Otaku can have some seriously questionable taste in shows. But then the same could be said of me. Still, I think it sucks so when I heard that an American studio was going to pump out a live action movie based on the series I was less than enthused about it.

Now, having seen the following trailer, I think that lack of enthusiasm is justified. This was so bad I just had to share it with you to ease my pain:

I actually feel kind of bad for fans of the anime series as I’m sure even they are going to be disappointed by this production. Bad enough it’s Dragonball, but it was produced by Americans who probably did it for the easy money it’s likely to generate which means it’ll suck hard like a black hole trapping anything that might have been decent about the original anime into a swirling vortex of suckitude never to escape.

Found over at /Flim where they also think it looks stupid.