Games I’m looking forward to: “Diablo III”.

I was a huge fan of the first two games and the third has been far too long in coming. Now we get a glimpse at the opening cinematic:

Arguably the coolest part is that Blizzard is giving the game away free to fans of World of Warcraft for committing to paying for a year of WoW which, honestly, most of us were going to pay out for anyway.

Blizzard announces “Diablo 3” wil be their next game after “Star Craft II.”

I loved both the original Diablo and its sequel so I’m quite pleased to hear that Diablo 3 is in the works. Here’s a teaser trailer:

And, after the jump, a couple of videos of actual game play…

Yeah, I think it may be time to pull out D2 and play it through once again.