Jon Stewart on the Tea Party primary wins and how the Dems will fuck it up.

As per usual The Daily Show pretty much nails it:

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Over on Google Reader on one of the news items I shared about the Tea Party victories and how it’s made Democrats more optimistic I helpfully suggested a potential new slogan for the DNC. Picture, if you will, the latest DNC election ad showcasing all the crazy Tea Party candidates that ends with the following:


If nothing else, it would be one of the most honest bits of political advertising we’ve ever seen.

Even with both houses and the presidency the Democrats are still pussies.

You’d think that with a 60 vote Super Majority in the House and control of the Senate along with a Democratic president sitting in the oval office that the Dems might finally grow some testicles and get some shit done. You’d be wrong as Jon Stewart points out in this segment from The Daily Show:

It really is pretty fucking pathetic that not only can’t they get their own bills out of committee, but that the Republicans can. Not only are the Republicans able to drive policy while being in the minority, but they get to whine about how badly the Democrats are supposedly treating them. Yeah, it must totally suck having the majority roll over and give you everything you want while gutting their own initiatives.

Worst of all a fair amount of criticism has to fall on President Obama for not whipping his party into shape. Fuck bipartisanship. The Republicans have already shown that no matter what concessions you make, no matter how much you gut the legislation, they’re not going to vote for it and allow you anything that could remotely be claimed as a victory. It’s simply inexcusable that a robust health care reform with a public option, if not outright switching to a single payer system, hasn’t already been passed and put into effect. The only reasonable explanation is that the Democrats are a bunch of pussies who enjoy being fucked repeatedly by the Republicans.

Update: There’s at least one Democrat out there who has some balls and it’s Rep. Alan Grays. Check it:

We need more like him.

Bill Maher: “Democrats Are the New Republicans”

I don’t agree with everything Bill Maher says, but I do agree with the following:

The more I watch him in action the more I realize Obama is hardly a liberal and the Democrats even less so. Which is why I remain an independent.

The Democrats are still pussies. Let Lieberman off with a slap on the wrist.

You’d think that after two years of being the majority in both houses of Congress and making gains in the recent election, not to mention winning the Presidency, that the Democrats would have grown some balls, but you’d be wrong:

Today in a closed-door meeting, Senate Democrats voted 42-13 to allow Joe Lieberman (I-CT) to keep his chairmanship of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, despite his attacks on Barack Obama during the campaign season. Shortly afterward, Senate Democrats held a press conference during which they stood by Lieberman and surrounded him with their support. Some highlights of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-NV) remarks:

– “We’re looking forward, we’re not looking back.”

– “I understand anger. … I would defy anyone to be angrier than I was. But is this a time when we walk out of here and say, ‘Boy, did we get even?’”

– “I am satisfied with what we did today. I feel good about what we did today. I don’t apologize to anyone for what we did today.”

– “The question is, do I trust Senator Lieberman? The answer is yes, I trust Senator Lieberman.”

Lieberman apparently threatened to take up with the Republicans if the Democrats punished him. When you consider that he all but did just that during the election anyway I don’t see how that was much of a threat, but apparently enough Democrats felt it was enough of a problem that they voted to let him stay. Word has it that Obama himself was in favor of not punishing Lieberman and I’m not sure I understand why, but hopefully he’s planning on holding it over his head when push comes to shove otherwise it’ll make no sense.

I still think it’s a mistake to let Lieberman get away with it and it’s a bad sign for how the next four years is going to go if the Democrats can’t grow a pair after all the gains they’ve made.

Democrats have their share of nutcases. Protest group attempts to levitate Denver Mint.

Crazy comes in all political persuasions, this is important to remember. Sometimes it’s Christians praying for lower gas prices and sometimes it’s hippie protesters trying to levitate a Federal Mint:

Anti-war protesters put a cap on their second day of rallies and marches during the Democratic National Convention Monday with a decidedly unconventional stop outside the Denver Mint. The event, which was organized by umbrella protest group Recreate 68, drew a small crowd of about 50 people armed with “magic mojo” they hoped would enable them to levitate the Mint building to shake out its loose change using nothing but the collective power of their minds.

Turns out, it was just wishful thinking.

Well duh. “Magic mojo” is just as effective as the “power of prayer.” That is to say, it isn’t effective at all. Not that they didn’t give it a good try:

When asked if he thought the crowd would actually be able to levitate the Mint, protester Jeff Burk answered “with any luck.”

Recreate 68 gathered the group on the outskirts of the Mint facing a cordon of riot police. Group co-founder Mark Cohen, wearing a red velvet wizard costume, began a chant of “Peace, Love and Justice,” interspersed with cries of “Peace, shalom.” A man calling himself the Yippie Pie Man, who has attended every Recreate 68 protest so far, used a megaphone to lead the crowd in the chants and also to appeal to bystanders.

“Don’t be a spectator,” he implored, “join the spectacle!”

For those more interested in a concrete reason to try raising the Mint and liberating it of its change, others in the group were happy to provide a few.

“We need to free the $50 million (inside the Mint) for the people who are starving, we need this money, we need to distribute this wealth,” shouted Kenneth Sanchez, who stood at the front of the protest group, wearing a red bandanna around his face.

Recreate 68 even threw plastic quarters into the crowd, perhaps hoping to preempt the real money that they soon hoped would be covering the block.

“Take money from the war, give it back to the poor,” shouted the crowd, joining hands to form a small half circle that spilled out into the street.

While I agree with the sentiment that the war is a huge waste of money that could be better spent on social projects, this sort of silliness isn’t going to accomplish much outside of getting people, like me, to laugh at them.

And when you think about it seriously it’s probably best for these idiots that this stunt didn’t work. Could you imagine what would happen if a bunch of yahoos managed to literally levitate a Federal Mint and shake it till all the money fell out? Do they really think they’d be allowed to scoop it all up and give it to the poor? No, they’d be shot with tranquillizer darts and carted off to either rot in prison or some government lab for experimentation. There’s no way in hell people with that kind of power would be allowed to roam free. You think the Bush Administration doesn’t respect your rights now, just wait until you demonstrate a real paranormal ability. Fortunately for these nutcases such abilities only exist in comics and movies.

The true power of peace and love, alas, is in giving people the warm fuzzies which will sometimes make them act a little more decently towards one another. That’s about it, though sometimes that’s enough and still worth striving for. If we could manage that much then levitating Federal Mints wouldn’t be necessary.

New Poll shows slight majority favors keeping religion out of politics.

It’s a very slim margin—only 52% of respondents—but it’s a majority just the same and hopefully the start of a continuing trend. The big surprise was in regards to where the shifts in opinion occurred:

The results suggest a potentially significant shift among conservative voters in particular. In 2004, 30% of conservatives said the church should stay out of politics while today 50% of conservatives today express that view.

Conservatives are now more in line with moderates and liberals when it comes to their views on mixing religion and politics. “Similarly, the sharp divisions between Republicans and Democrats that previously existed on this issue have disappeared,” Pew reports.

Increasingly voters say they are uncomfortable listening to politicians express religious views. In 2004, 40% said it made them uncomfortable versus 46% today.

Perhaps there’s a silver lining to the past seven and a half years after all. The best bit of news is that there may be a bit of a backlash in the Republican party. Though it seems us godless liberals are being held to similar standards:

The Democratic Party also made notable gains among voters who view the party as religion-friendly—a belief generally associated with the Republican Party. In 2006, 26% of voters said Democrats were religion-friendly, today 38% of voters said the same. More voters, 43%, also believe that non-religious liberals have too much sway over the party, versus 37% in August 2007.

The Republican Party still dominates as the friendliest toward religion, according to 52% of voters surveyed. However, that view also comes with backlash. Nearly half, 48%, said religious conservatives hold too much sway in the party ranks, up from 43% in August 2007.

I wish we had as much influence as some of these people seem to think, but it’s still good to see that the pendulum is swinging our way for a change. reports that the new FISA law is worse than you think.

Remember last month when the Democrats took their pussification to new heights by passing the new FISA law that would grant the Telecoms immunity from prosecution as a compromise? As it turns out giving the Telecoms immunity is the least of the problems that bill creates:

The new FISA compromise: it’s worse than you think –

The 114-page bill was pushed through the House so quickly that there was no real time to debate its many complex provisions. This may explain why the telecom immunity provision has received so much attention in the media: it is much easier to explain to readers not familiar with the intricacies of surveillance law than the other provisions. But as important as the immunity issue is, the legislation also makes many prospective changes to surveillance law that will profoundly impact our privacy rights for years to come.

Specifically, the new legislation dramatically expands the government’s ability to wiretap without meaningful judicial oversight, by redefining “oversight” so that the feds can drag their feet on getting authorization almost indefinitely. It also gives the feds unprecedented new latitude in selecting eavesdropping targets, latitude that could be used to collect information on non-terrorist-related activities like P2P copyright infringement and online gambling. In short, the FISA Amendments Act of 2008 opens up loopholes so large that the feds could drive a truck loaded down with purloined civil liberties through it. So the telecom immunity stuff is just the smoke; let’s take a look at the fire.

Go read the full article as the law is stunning in terms of major changes it makes to what criteria the government must meet in order to spy on someone and how long they can do it before they have to submit to judicial oversight. The fact that the Democrats helped to rush it through the House without any real debate is simply astounding as noted by the folks at Ars:

Democratic leaders have worked hard to portray the legislation as a compromise, but close examination of its provisions suggests that it is an unvarnished victory for President Bush and his allies in Congress. The legislation eliminates meaningful judicial oversight of eavesdropping between Americans citizen and foreigners located overseas and effectively legalizes dragnet surveillance of domestic-to-foreign traffic. It stretches out the judicial review process so much that the government will in many cases be able to complete its surveillance activities before the courts finish deciding on its legality. And Democratic leaders have capitulated on the immunity question, agreeing to language that would almost certainly lead to retroactive immunity for lawbreaking telecom companies.

What the fuck is up with the Democrats? Why the hell are the bending over, lubing their asses up, and yelling “bring it on” to the Republicans? Just what is it they hope to accomplish with this legislation if (or when) they gain control of the Presidency? They sure seem to have something up their sleeves with as eager as they are to go along with the Neocons on this issue.

Pussification of House Democrats hits all time high.

Someone explain to me what we accomplished in giving the Democrats control of both halves of Congress back in 2006? Because so far I’m not seeing them do much of jack shit with it. Not only have they not brought the troops home, but the House just passed a bill giving the telephone companies immunity on illegal wiretapping:

WASHINGTON – The House Friday easily approved a compromise bill setting new electronic surveillance rules that effectively shield telecommunications companies from lawsuits arising from the government’s terrorism-era warrantless eavesdropping on phone and computer lines in this country.

The bill, which was passed on a 293-129 vote, does more than just protect the telecoms. The update to the 30-year-old Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act is an attempt to balance privacy rights with the government’s responsibility to protect the country against attack, taking into account changes in telecommunications technologies.

Opponents of immunity believe civil lawsuits are the only way the full extent of the wiretapping program will ever be revealed.

Key senators voiced strong opposition to the compromise, although they’re unlikely to have the votes to either defeat or filibuster the bill. Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, condemned the immunity deal. He said that nothing in the new bill would prevent the government from once again wiretapping domestic phone and computer lines without court permission.

Specter said the problem is constitutional: The White House may still assert that the president’s Article II powers as commander in chief supersede statutes that would limit him actions.

“Only the courts can decide that issue and this proposal dodges it,” Specter said.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi of California disputed that, saying FISA would from now on be the authority for the government to conduct electronic surveillance.

“There is no inherent authority of the president to do whatever he wants. This is a democracy, not a monarchy,” she said.

Someone please explain to me how it’s a Republican that’s criticizing this compromise while a Democratic leader is supporting it. What the fuck is this? Opposites day? Supposedly FISA was the authority before this bill came along and yet the Bush Administration got away with ignoring the FISA court altogether. What’s to stop that from happening again?

Most annoying of all is the fact that Senator Obama voted for this so-called compromise. I am, much like the ACLU, outraged over how the Democrats are bending over and smiling while Bush rams it up their collective asses. With a bunch of spineless pussies like this in power it won’t matter if the Democrats win the White House.

This just in: The Congressional Democrats are still a bunch of pussies.

U.S. Democrats to back down on Iraq war conditions | Reuters

WASHINGTON, June 16 (Reuters) – Democrats in the U.S. Congress, who came to power last year on a call to end the combat in Iraq, will soon give President George W. Bush the last war-funding bill of his presidency without any of the conditions they sought for withdrawing U.S. troops, congressional aides said on Monday.

Lawmakers are arranging to send Bush $165 billion in new money for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, enough to last for about a year and well beyond when Bush leaves office on Jan. 20.

“It’ll be the lump sum of money, veterans (funding) and that’s it,” said one House aide familiar with the negotiations on the legislation.

The aide was referring to the funding for the unpopular Iraq war, now in its sixth year, and a measure being attached to expand education benefits for combat veterans.

[…] With this bill, Congress will have written checks for more than $800 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, with most of the money going to Iraq.

Yes, I know they’re just waiting until the next President gets in there on the assumption it’ll be Barack and they can finally start bringing troops home, but these assholes have rolled over on just about every demand that Bush has made since they took control in 2006. It’d be nice to see some backbone for a change.

President Bush reveals Telcos spied on Americans.

All it takes is him getting his way and then suddenly the President is capable of being honest with Americans:

[…] Bush was praising the Senate for approving his long-sought update to a foreign surveillance law. Critics say the bill legalizes his warrantless wiretapping program, which was implemented outside the boundaries of the law, and frees phone and internet companies from any responsibility for violating customers’ privacy.

“The senate bill also provides fair and just liability protections for companies that did the right thing and assisted in defending America, after the attacks of Sept. 11,” Bush said.

As recently as his State of the Union address, Bush would only call for legal immunity for companies “believed to have assisted” in his so-called Terrorist Surveillance Program.

[…] On the eve of a vote to give telephone companies immunity for their alleged participation in the National Security Agency’s warrantless wiretap program, White House spokesperson Dana Perino admitted that the companies actually spied.

Because they were patriotic.

“The telephone companies that were alleged to have helped their country after 9/11 did so because they are patriotic and they certainly helped us and they helped us save lives,” Perino told reporters at Tuesday’s press briefing.

There you go. Patriotism apparently means you don’t have to obey the law. President Bush ordered the telephone companies to spy on you and most of them complied in spite of the illegal nature of the request. John McCain seems to be hell-bent on being Bush’s third term in office so keep that in mind when it comes time to cast your vote.

There’s still a chance that the immunity provision might be stopped as it was only the Senate that approved it and the House version doesn’t have such a provision, but Bush has promised to veto any legislation that doesn’t include retroactive immunity. Will the House Democrats stand up for us mere citizens or will they cave in like the pussies in the Senate?