Defensio Combo anti-spam module now available for ExpressionEngine.

The guys at Hop Studios have just released version 1.0 of their Defensio Combo module for EE. We’ve been testing it for awhile here at SEB and I’m happy to say that I like it better than Akismet. It makes use of the Defensio Anti-Spam service which not only learns from spam and flags it for moderation when it suspects a comment fits the bill, but also keeps track of how well it’s doing on your site and provides you with RSS feeds for tracking moderated comments.

It works more or less similarly to Akismet, but it gives a bit more control over how things are handled and a bit more feedback on how it’s doing. The guys at Hop Studios have been very enthusiastic about the development of this module and are looking to add even more features in the future (I’ve recommended an option that ignores comments from registered members). The module is free for use by anyone running EE 1.6.x so if you’re curious to see what it’s like then go download it and give it a whirl.

We’re back on Akismet for the time being.

Things are still a bit wonky with Defensio so I gave Justin some data on the comments being falsely marked as spam as well as some spammy ones falsely marked as OK and he’s going to go do that voodoo that he do and hopefully fix it up right. Meanwhile we’re back on Akismet until the next go-round. I appreciate your patience as we help out a module developer.

Ain’t beta testing fun?

Testing new version of Defensio.

[Update:] The module is still marking some legit comments as spam and moderating them, but it currently doesn’t tell you that your comment has been moderated. I’ve requested that they add that to it so folks won’t think their comments are just being dropped. I’ve also requested that they add an option to have it ignore comments from registered members. If they add that it’ll really make it stand out over Akismet. This is just to let you know that if you don’t immediately see your comment that it’s probably been moderated. I’m hoping the filter will settle down in a day or so and start being a bit more accurate.

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After some bug fixes I’ve updated and re-enabled the EE Defensio module. And I remember to put the API key back in when I did so. As always let me know if anything seems out of whack.

That is all.