David Letterman’s farewell to Sarah Palin. (#Blogathon)

I’m not a huge Letterman fan, but I’m even less of a Sarah Palin fan and this struck me as amusing:

David Letterman really isn’t happy with the McCain campaign.

It really doesn’t pay to cancel on Dave. He’s gone on to do a series of short videos title “A Message from Sarah Palin.” You just know it’s gonna be trouble:

Damned funny though.

Found over at Boulder Dude’s blog.

John McCain cancels appearance on David Letterman. Dave wasn’t happy.

John McCain has suddenly gotten quite concerned about the crisis on Wall Street. So much so that he has announced he’s suspending his campaign and rushing back to Washington so he can work with Congress on solving the problem and he wants Obama to do the same which will mean putting off that pesky debate they were supposed to have on Friday. The situation was so urgent in fact that McCain called up David Letterman personally to cancel his appearance on his show so he wouldn’t waste any time tackling the problem.

Except that he apparently had time to stick around long enough to film an interview with Katie Couric at about the same point in time he would have been on Letterman. Needless to say, Dave wasn’t impressed. In fact Dave had some pretty good points to make during the course of the show. Check it:

I don’t think McCain will be scheduling a follow-up appearance anytime soon. I am quite impressed with David Letterman, though. He makes some excellent points.

Found over at The Huffington Post.

O’Reilly doesn’t do well on the Letterman show

Last night O’Reilly was on the Letterman show. The segment started amicably, but when O’Reilly started in on his “War on Christmas shtick” things started going down hill for him. Then O’Reilly shifted topics to the war in Iraq. Well, all I can say is that Letterman was beautiful.

The video clip of the segment is on the first link here.