The Return of the Son of the SEB Podcast.

Hey, remember how Dave Hill of ***Dave Does The Blog and I would occasionally get together online and talk about stuff that you guys wanted to hear our opinions on? Remember how the last time we did it we were both shocked and appalled that it had been three years since the previous podcast?

Well, fuck me if it hasn’t been almost three years again since the last one.

So it’s about damned time that we get together for another one. The last one was accomplished via a Google Hangouts live stream and, other than a small technical hangup audio-wise early on, it worked pretty well so we’re doing that again!

That means we’re once again looking for suggestions of things you’d like to hear us talk about whether we’re qualified to pontificate on it or not. Given the political prediction I made during the last one that I was completely and totally wrong about, you can be sure I’ll probably be completely wrong about something I say during this one.

You can leave your suggestions in the comments here, on ***Dave Does the Blog, or on our social media accounts if that’s what suits you. We’ll scrape ’em together and see what kind of trouble we can get into with them.

The actual live stream is set for 1PM EDT on Sunday the 6th of May so you’ve got some time to think up something good. I’ve got an event for it on G+, but it’s currently set to private. If there’s sufficient interest in watching it live as we stumble through it I can always make the event public. Let me know.

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One of the advantages to reading ***Dave’s blog…

… is that it acts like my own personal weather forecast. ***Dave talks about the weather fairly often and when he does I know that within four or five days we’ll be experiencing the same weather here. For example, here’s what he wrote four days ago:

While the Eastern US is snowed under, we’re facing temps here in the 60s-70s all week. Yeesh.

We missed out on that snowstorm here in Michigan, but it was bitter cold here at the time he wrote that. Today? Today we’re supposed to hit 64 degrees. Granted we start to cool down tomorrow, but we’ll remain in a relatively balmy 45 to 53 degree range for the next few days.

The really nice part is that when it’s miserable and cold here all I have to do is check in with ***Dave to see if there’s any relief coming to raise my spirits. By the same token, whenever ***Dave says things are ball-shrinkingly cold where he’s at I know to prepare myself for some bad weather. Thanks ***Dave!

***Dave Does the Blog evolves into WordPress.

I get all busy over the weekend and ***Dave goes and switches blogging platforms on me. He’s made the jump to WordPress from MovableType and it’s a much needed improvement. WordPress has come a long way from back when I tested it out as a replacement for MT. Depending on how much it’ll cost to move to EE 2.0 when it’s released sometime this year I might be making the jump as well.

Go check out ***Dave’s shiny new digs and let him know what you think.

***Dave says: “Daag!”

Poor ***Dave. He’s over in Amsterdam on business and he’s so bored he chatted with me on Google Talk this morning. Apparently it’s around about 5PM over there and still too early in the morning back in Colorado for him to chat with his family so I was the next best thing. He’s having fun doing the Corporate Jet Set thing and plans to get some sight-seeing in today.

I confessed that reading his exploits on his blog made me feel like I still haven’t quite grown up. He’s off being all managerial and international and I’m still plugging away in the trenches. Most guys my age in my field are usually doing the manager thing at this point it seems. I believe I’m the oldest guy on my crew at work.

Probably for the best, though. I’m much more hedonistic than ***Dave is so who knows how corrupting the city of Amsterdam would be if I were the one on that trip. The meetings would definitely be a lot different with me in attendance. Partially because I hate meetings and partially because, well, I’m me. ***Dave plans to bring back souvenirs for everyone in the Blogosphere when he comes home so get ready to be showered in cool stuff. OK, I made that last part up.

What’s even more sad than the fact that ***Dave could only find me to chat with is the fact that I’m actually blogging about it. Go figure.