Best. “Doctor Who.” Episode. Ever.

A bunch of kids, with some help from Dad no doubt, film their own episode of Doctor Who versus the Daleks complete with music and appropriately low-budget special effects. It is a six minute and forty-three second tour de force:

The thing that makes this so cool to me is I can remember desperately wanting a film, and later a video, camera as a kid so I could make my own movies. My brother actually had a silent Super 8MM film camera that I used a couple of times to make small movies with, one of which was my own episode of the Mr. Bill Show of which I was a big fan*. I spent hours trying to figure out cheap ways of doing the special effects I’d need for my up and coming Space Epic, building ships out of Styrofoam, putting together model kits and so on, all for naught as in the end I didn’t have access to a camera with enough running time to do what I wanted to do. Nothing I did manage to put together comes close to what these kids have got up on YouTube. It’s a testament to how far technology has come in both ease of use and price that these kids put together a complete film that’s easily as entertaining as anything on prime time American television, if not more so.  The fact that millions of people around the world are also able to view it, whereas most of my attempts were barely watched by my own family, is also pretty amazing. Wish we had had this kind of stuff when I was a kid.

Found over at Boing Boing.

*I actually dressed up as Mr. Bill for Halloween one year. No one had a clue who the fuck I was supposed to be.

A “Doctor Who” toy that’s sure to get your ass kicked. I want one anyway.

This has got to be the dorkiest Doctor Who toy ever. It’s a Dalek Voice Changer Helmet:

The Dalek Voice Changer Helmet is a tiered, circumferential cranial housing, joined with a glowing blue eye stalk. By donning the Dalek Helmet, you gain the ability to speak in the Dalek’s bloodless tone, play back pre-record Dalek phrases, or activate the Exterminator sound. Should the Daleks ever stage a full scale invasion, battering past the pitiable defenses of mankind, the Dalek Voice Changer Helmet might make the difference between survival and hideous annihilation.

I mean, just look at that pic of the kid wearing this $74.99, plus shipping and handling, Dalek helmet. Somehow, without the rest of the Dalek armor wrapped around him, it comes across as less than threatening. That hasn’t stopped the online store I linked to from being sold out of these badges of DW Geekdom. Nor does it stop me from (not so) secretly wishing I had one of my own. I mean I’ve been searching for years for a Windows based sound editor that comes with a ring modulation function so I could record my own voice and then distort it to sound like a Dalek. I’ve yet to find one. So a helmet that has one built-in already? Priceless.

Found via Boing Boing.