A short lesson on getting what you want in 6 pictures.

Our two cats, Cuddles and Jasper, are reluctant housemates. At best they tolerate each other’s company when it’s absolutely necessary. Such as in the morning when breakfast is served in side-by-side dishes or when the sun is shining through the doorwall making for excellent solar recharging opportunities or even when there is a noise outside and the front window is the only good spot to investigate it. Otherwise they don’t like to share things. Cuddles, for example, has laid claim to our king size bed. If he’s on it then Jasper will generally demur and go elsewhere.

The basement tends to be Jasper’s domain and when I’m on the computer he can often be found curled up in the kitty bed sleeping. Cuddles used to dominate my computer time back when we were in the apartment and my setup was in the second bedroom and he often looks put out when he comes downstairs and sees that Jasper has claimed the kitty bed. Every now and then, though, he gets an opportunity to hang out with me and claim the bed for his own. Jasper, being a master of logic and reason, will sometimes have to convince Cuddles that it’s Jasper’s turn to sleep in the kitty bed. Here is how he accomplishes that goal:

First, establish what it is you want.
You may find someone has already laid claim to your objective and may complain that “they were here first.”

Gently explain to them why they should shut the fuck up and get out of your spot.
“Fuck you, I’m not moving.”
Claim victory via calm reasoning and superior argument.
Relax in your newly claimed objective.

There is little need to resort to (much) violence when you have a well-reasoned argument in favor of your position. We could all learn a lesson or two from this.

Your cute cat pics for the day.

According to Google photos, Cuddles came to live with us around this day six years ago. Here’s a few pics from back then:

And here’s a coupleĀ from a few weeks ago:

He’s grown into quite the handsome cat and he still likes to curl up in my arms despite being considerably more than a handful these days. He’s my buddy and when I’m home he’s rarely far from my side and he’s always ready to play.

And, no, I have no idea why I look so stoned in a couple of these photos.

Cuddles finds the Christmas bows.

Our orange tabby cat, Cuddles, is very playful and surprisingly smart. He knows where we keep all his favorite toys and he’ll often seek them out to bring to us when he wants to play. One of his all-time favorite things to play with are the bows that go on gifts. Anne did some tidying up of the computer room yesterday and made the mistake of letting cuddles see where she put a few stray bows and ribbon.

This is the result:

Cuddles love of gift bows is so deep that we often find a ton of them under the couch when we move it to clean. In fact, when the movers picked up the couch to carry it out to the truck back when we moved at the end of May we found a ton of bows that Cuddles had shoved under it. Not only that, but there was a tear in the in fabric cover under the couch that had collected quite a few of the bows so as the guys carried the couch out the door and to the truck they left a trail of Christmas bows behind them like some weird variation on Hansel and Gretel. It was still dropping bows as they carried it into the new apartment. I don’t know if we managed to get all of them out of it.

How I know when Anne is making my lunch for the day.

Anne is gracious enough to make me my lunch every morning. This is always a time of great anticipation and excitement for the cats. In this pic Jasper is being way more patient than usual as he often will stand on his hind legs next to Anne to try and see what’s going on. Cuddles, on the other hand, always sits in the same spot and is very patient in his wait to see if perhaps Anne might leave a bit of sliced ham or turkey in their food dishes.

Yes, they’re a little spoiled.

What kittens search for.

When I go to bed at night I often leave my PC on with the monitor turned off and I usually leave Firefox running at the Google homepage. Given Cuddle’s propensity for walking on my keyboard every chance he gets, this results in some interesting Google searches awaiting me upon waking the next morning.

Searches like this one:

Click to embiggen.

I’m not sure what I find more impressive. The fact that Google is able to match such a ridiculous query to actual pages or the fact that it has an equally ridiculous alternate search suggestion.

My score in “Call of Duty: Black Ops” is worse than usual…

Got a review copy of CoD: Black Ops and I’m playing through both the single and multiplayer to get a feel for writing a review. My score in the multiplayer matches has been quite a bit worse than what I was managing under Modern Warfare 2 and I’d like to say it’s entirely due to it being a new game or the known performance issues on the PC version of the game, but it turns out there’s an entirely different reason:

Pic of Cuddles the kitten.

I can haz noob tube?

It’s some weird tiger-stripped tumor on my left arm interfering with my mad keyboard skillz. This is at least a little better than when he tries to help by walking across my keyboard as I’m trying to shoot someone. Say what you will about Melvin sitting in front of my monitor, but at least he never walks across my keyboard. Nor does he have to investigate every single mug of coffee or glass of soda I have sitting on my desk.

Still, hard to be annoyed at something so damned cute.

A belated Happy Halloween 2010!

A pic of the kitten called Cuddles.

It took forever to get him to look in the webcam. Click to embiggen!

Meant to post this yesterday, but got so caught up in other things that I never got around to it. I was really excited as I expected a lot of kids to show up at the door because the apartment complex we’re in is under a new management that had actually taken the time to schedule community events this year. I figured with it being somewhat organized we’d see a higher turn out and so I bought three bags of candy, but my excitement soon faded as after an initial rush of maybe 16 or so kids the remaining half-hour trickled by without so much as a ghoul in sight. Which means I’ve still got 90% of the candy we bought despite letting each kid grab a big handful. Well, we encouraged them to grab a big handful, but a few of them didn’t seem to understand and walked off with only a couple of pieces. Afterward, I sat on my recliner and watched old horror movies on cable until AMC’s The Walking Dead came on then we watched that and I went to bed so I could be awake this morning for work. All in all it was a nice Halloween if a bit disappointing in the number of kids who A) actually came by and B) actually had a costume on.

I’ve also been meaning to mention that we have a new member of the Jenkins family in the form of kitten by the name of Cuddles, whom you can see over on the left. Whereas Melvin is the epitome of the Stupid Evil Bastard mindset — which is why he’s the Official SEB Cat — Cuddles is the antithesis of it. He’s an orange tabby American Domestic short hair and he’s one hyper-kinetic ball of lovin’. This is a cat not afraid to walk on your face at 5AM while purring so loud as to rattle the windows because he’s decided it’s time he needs some hardcore ear scratching. Whereas Melvin will only step in your lap long enough to cross from one arm of the chair to the other, Cuddles will curl up right in the middle of it and snore like a chainsaw hard at work. This is a happy, friendly, lap-warming bit of cute overload who will climb up your pant leg to sit on your shoulder just to say hello.

Many of you may remember we tried to add a second cat named Beanie awhile back that didn’t go over so well with Melvin. She was an adult female cat of a similar age to Melvin and after seven months of getting the shit beat out of her by Melvin we ended up giving her to a cat foster home so she could be placed in a better environment. (She’s been doing quite while ever since.) So you may be wondering how things are going with Cuddles and Melvin.

I’m happy to report that after just a week they’re getting along just fine and Melvin is even occasionally playing with the new kitten. Initially Melvin was his usual grumpy self and hissed and growled at the kitten, but, unlike Beanie who was absolutely terrified by Melvin’s antics, Cuddles would back off long enough to let Melvin settle down and then would get right back into his face again. He also makes this cooing sound when interacting with Melvin which I have come to understand is kitten-speak for I’M JUST A LITTLE KITTEN WHO HAS NO INTENTION OF BEING ALPHA CAT. PLEASE DON’T KILL ME! It seems to work as the worst Melvin acts now is like an older brother who has gotten an annoying baby brother after years of being an only child.

So we’re back to being a two-cat family and this time it looks like it’ll work out just fine. Anne is happy because we now have a kitten that will curl up on your lap and let you pet it for hours on end. Plus it worked out well for Halloween as we had an orange and a black cat sitting in the window as the kids came up to get their candy.