I’ve had dreams kind of like this.

This commercial for IKEA beds is pretty impressive:

What’s even more impressive is the work that went to making it possible.

The “Beds” protagonist, Max the dog and many of the beds were hung from cranes and suspended over buildings during the 3-day shoot in Johannesburg.

The VFX team at MPC (Moving Picture Company) collaborated with film director Juan Cabral and advertising agency Mother London to create a detailed matte paintings, adding CG beds and embellishments and compositing elements including the NASA rocket and plume.

Led by 2D Creative Director Bill McNamara, MPC’s 15-strong team utilized the innovative filming techniques – which captured a great deal of the action in-camera – to then create the VFX and embellish the shots. In order to build the bed staircase, Ikea beds were filmed against green screen on the ground.

Ikea Beds in the Sky – The Inspiration Room

Apparently this was filmed and released all the way back in 2014, but this is the first time I’ve come across it. Still, very cool so I thought I’d share it.

Here is your feel-good Christmas commercial for the day.

Allegro, a polish online auction website, wins the heartstring-pull-of-the-day award with this:

I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Games I’m Looking Forward To: “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3”

Call me the eternal optimist, but despite how disappointing the last iteration of the CoD series turned out to be, I’m still hopeful that the next one will be an improvement. Event if it isn’t, you gotta give Activision credit for putting together a cool commercial for it:

The wait is almost over. It’ll drop this Friday, November 6th.

This parody voiceover so appeals to my cynical side.

Snark and sarcasm ahoy! I’d have a lot more respect for marketeers if this were a real ad. #seb #parody #commercials

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This guy’s voiceover parodies are hilarious.

Eee Pad Transformer: http://youtu.be/hV0qs1gz8mo

Eee Pad Slider: http://youtu.be/jlPW0aRxKgU

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I’m all for saving abandoned pets and animals…

… but I’d be a flat-out liar if I didn’t say that the following is 100% what I do when I see one of these commercials:

In fact, I can’t hit the change channel button fast enough.

Updated to add: You know, now that I think about it, there’s a lot of commercials that make me react that way. Another example is friggin’ Montel Williams shilling for Money Mutual. As soon as I hear “Hi I’m Montel…” the remote is being crushed in my hands as I desperately try to change the channel.

This is why anything that I really want to watch ends up being recorded on the DVR so when I get around to watching it I can skip anything that would make me change the channel. If I’m just browsing the channels either of these, and a host of other, commercials will pretty much guarantee that I stop watching whatever the hell I was watching.

I’m not sure I would understand this commercial even if I spoke the language…

I’m not sure I would understand this commercial even if I spoke the language.

But I was still very amused by it. #seb #easily amused #video clips #commercials

CoD: Black Ops commercial “There’s a soldier in all of us.”

I nearly choked on my beverage when I saw this on the TV the other day:

I love the fact that they have basketball star Kobe Bryant and late night talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel running around with people from all walks of life. Of course you already know that there are all sorts of people playing with you online, but seeing it represented visually in this way really brings the point home and makes me smile. It’s a fact that’s often easy to forget.

Maybe atheists need to advertise more.

It seems every major religion has commercials touting the supposed benefits of their faith on TV. This is particularly true of Scientology and the Mormons. So YouTuber orleyorg sat down and put together what he thought might be a good advertisement for atheism:

It’s pretty good. Granted, most of the footage is taken from Scientology ads, but the voice over work is what sells it. Given the reaction to the atheist bus ads around the country, can you imagine the howls of rage if this were to make it onto national TV?

Found via The 40 Year Old Atheist.

A sure sign you’re getting older…

So I’m watching TV over the weekend when one of those Long-Term Premium Life Insurance ads pops up on the screen. You know the ones I’m talking about. The ones with some random company you’ve never heard of that offers life insurance for pennies a day with no requirement of a physical and which never expires no matter how old you get or how sick you become. The ones that start off with a statement along the lines of “If you were born between the years” followed by two dates which, up until recently, didn’t include your birth year?

Yeah, this one included my birth year. I believe the range was 1929 to 1969. I was born in 1967.

It’s a surprisingly eye opening event when the ads targeted at “old people” are now counting you as being old. I suppose at 41 I should be considering some form of life insurance outside of what I get through my employer, but I could do without being made to feel old in the process. In years past I could ignore those ads, but now they taunt me in the same insidious way my bathroom mirrors taunt me by reminding me of my continuing march towards the so-called golden years. I believe I exclaimed, upon realizing the ad was directed at me, the following: “Sonofabitch!” Said as one big word just like I wrote it there. My remote is going to have large finger sized holes in it from me crazily stabbing at the buttons every time one of those damnable ads comes on.

Outtakes from the E*Trade Baby Super Bowl commercial.

I have no idea how good a stock broker E*Trade is, but Anne and I both get a big kick out of the talking baby ads they air. They had a new one for the Super Bowl this year and it was OK, but no where near as funny as the “outtakes” they’ve posted to YouTube:

I love the crying baby that says he wants to punch the economy in the face.