I voted today. Have you?

Pic of Vote logo.

All the cool kids are doing it. You should too.

And I voted for a Republican for Governor! *GASP!* I’ll explain more later as I’m short on time right now, but I did vote for Democrats for Congress.

Regardless of whether you vote for Democrats, Republicans, or some third party you should do your civic duty and make sure to vote. Yes, even those of you who I would rather not bother to vote should still do it as it’s vital to a healthy democratic government.

So if you haven’t already then get off your ass and down to your local polling station and cast your vote. It’ll make you look informed and sexy even if you’re not.

I’ve voted. Have you?

We decided to sleep in until 6:30AM and then got up, tossed some clothes on, brushed our hair, and headed to the polls. Got there a couple of minutes before they were due to open at 7AM. There was already a line stretching down two hallways that looked like it would take hours to get through, but it actually moved pretty quickly. We were done and home within an hour and a half at which point I took a quick shower and was only 10 minutes late getting to work. So I’ve done my civic duty and can sit back and watch the results roll in. Well, once I get through the work day and class tonight. We’re having a test so my mind may be on things other than politics today.

If you’ve not gotten out to vote yet (assuming you’re an American who can vote) then be sure to do so. You’ve got until 8PM and if you’re in line at 8PM you’ll be guaranteed a chance to vote. No excuses. Get out there and get it done.