Catholic church protects kids from pedo priests with a coloring book.

The whole pedophile priest scandal has quieted down a bit as of late, but for months during the height of the scandal the Powers That Be in the Catholic church kept promising they’d do more to protect kids from child molesters wearing the white collar. Finally, after months to work on the project, they’ve released their secret weapon for keeping kids safe: A coloring book:

“Being Friends, Being Safe, Being Catholic,” was distributed earlier this year to several hundred schools in the New York area as part of the church’s Safe Environment Program, a spokeswoman from the city’s Archdiocese said.

One image in the book features a guardian angel hovering over an altar boy with a priest lurking in the background.

“For safety’s sake, a child and an adult shouldn’t be alone in a closed room together,” the angel counsels. In another, the angel warns of a sexual predator attempting to chat with a child over the Internet.

Well, I’m sure that’ll solve the problem right quick.