Looking for help on how to distrubute a Kubuntu build over a network.

OK all you Linux gurus, I’m in need of your help. After literally months of dicking around I’ve managed to cobble together an Internet kiosk for the scanners here at work that meets my boss’s requirements using Kubuntu. I’m actually quite proud of this accomplishment, but I’m having trouble with the last part. I want to be able to deploy it to the PCs over the network as opposed to installing and building each workstation by hand. One of the guides I used during my research, How To Create An Internet Kiosk with Kubuntu over at dimmeria, suggested the following command to do the deed:

    sudo dd if=/dev/sda | ssh -t ip.target.machine sudo dd of=/dev/sda

It turns out this is an amazingly slow way to do it and it has the unfortunate habit of failing. I’ve tried it three times now and have managed only to copy 36GB, then 7GB, and then 31GB per attempt before it fails with an I/O error. This pretty much ate up most of my day here at work to this point. Doing some Google searches it seems there are about a hundred thousand different ways to do something like this all of varying difficulty and most of which don’t seem to be aimed at what I’m hoping to do. Namely I want to copy the disk layout of the current machine to the new machine exactly as it is and then just go in and give the new machine a new name and have it go.  I’ve done this sort of thing under Windows countless times using something like Ghost or Acronis True Image, but I’m not sure which of the hundreds of thousands of suggestions I’ve come across so far is the right one to take.

So I’m turning to you Obi Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.