So seen any aliens or UFOs yet today?

Remember back at the end of September when I wrote about the mediums predicting aliens would land in Alabama today and help us “break away from the dark forces? Well the day is half over and I haven’t heard anything on the news yet. Man I hope they don’t stand us up like the last few times they told various psychics they were coming.

So far there’s no update on “Blossom Goodchild’s” blog other than a post on the 12th where she said she was going to remove all the negative comments from her site:

To remove (when time allows) all comments that do not come from LIGHT and LOVE. Which is what my blog is SUPPOSED to be about. Sadly, it has turned into a space that is packed full of religious arguments, deeply offensive swearing, bible fanatics claiming me to be the devil and much much more. I give thanks to those who are coming from the place in their heart that spreads only kindness and understanding.

TRULY guys … I had manifested a beautiful world to live in surrounded by those who come only from LOVE in their heart. My soul has been battered and bruised to find hatred and malice inside the hearts of so many. And to those who feel the need to go on and on arguing and sending such negativity to the world I have this to say in all LOVE … … get yourselves a life! A life that makes YOU happy what ever form that may take for CLEARLY, many of you are deeply wounded and hurt.

She’s gotta be taking it from both barrels with not only skeptics giving her a hard time, but the Bible fanatics at is as well. Still I’ll be interested to see what she has to say about the (lack of) events today when she finally gets around to writing about it. Meanwhile it’s hard to say whether or not Mike Quinsey has written anything new as the website he posts to is pretty much impossible to navigate. 

Still I suppose it’s possible that aliens could land before the day is out so keep an eye out. That goes double for all you folks in Alabama.