I’ve changed the SEB Blogroll.

You may notice the blogroll in the sidebar is different. I just discovered that Google Reader allows you to take your RSS feeds and make them into a blogroll you can add to your site and, seeing as my RSS selections are the best representation of what I’m actually reading these days, I thought I’d take advantage of that. Hopefully it’s not breaking the page layout too badly, but I won’t know for sure until I get home as I can’t see the front page of SEB from work.

This means a lot of blogs that I had in my old blogroll are now absent from the list. This isn’t necessarily because I stopped reading said blogs, but more likely because they either don’t offer an RSS feed or the one they do offer doesn’t have full entries in the feed. Seeing as I keep track of most of the blogs I read via their RSS feeds anyone who doesn’t have one is one I likely visit only occasionally. If you were on the old blogroll and not on the new one and you do have a RSS feed then please let me know about it and I’ll add it in.

My main reason for doing this is so I don’t have to manually update my blogroll every time I start reading a new blog. As soon as I add its RSS feed to Google Reader it’ll show up here on the site. Right now it’s a hodgepodge of everything I tend to read, but I’ll be breaking things down into further categories as time goes on and then add those to the sidebar as well. Just an FYI.