SEB Safety Tip: Don’t shine your laser pointer into the cockpits of passing aircraft…

Pic of helicopter cockpit hit by laser pointer.

This is what it looks like from inside the aircraft. Yes, this is an actual incident.

… you stupid fucking asshats.

Apparently this small bit of wisdom has escaped a great many Americans as last year Los Angeles airport recorded the highest number of laser-beam events:

“This is a serious safety issue,” said U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood.

“Lasers can distract and harm pilots who are working to get passengers safely to their destinations.”

Nationally, the number of reported laser events almost doubled in 2010 from the previous year to more than 2,800 — the highest since the federal government began tracking them in 2005.

What the fuck people? The numbers shouldn’t be going up. No one has any good reason to be zapping aircraft with their laser pointers. Are you trying to cause a major accident? Do you long to be the cause of a major loss of life?

Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport came in second behind LAX with 98 incidents. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport tied for third place with 80 laser incidents each.

[…] “The FAA is actively warning people not to point high-powered lasers at aircraft because they can damage a pilot’s eyes or cause temporary blindness,” said FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt. “We continue to ask pilots to immediately report laser events to air traffic controllers so we can contact local law enforcement officials.”

Federal, state and local governments have laws making it illegal to shine lasers at aircraft. Violators can face prison time and thousands of dollars in fines per charge.

In a recent local incident, two U.S. Coast Guard helicopters were forced to make precautionary landings at LAX in August after being flashed with laser beams. One chopper was flying above San Pedro’s Cabrillo Beach at night. The other was flashed two days earlier over Torrance. Coast Guard officials said both crews were grounded until doctors cleared them to fly again.

They don’t put those little warning labels on there simply because it keeps the warning label industry going. Cut that shit out. It’s obvious you don’t give a shit about the people whose lives you’re putting at risk with this stunt so I’ll appeal to your selfish natures and suggest you stop if for no other reason than the massive fines and jail time you’ll be looking at if your dumbass gets caught doing something this stupid. Do I even have to mention that the same goes for automobiles, motorcycles, bikes or even just people walking down the street?

Seriously, grow the fuck up.

TSA worker claims he’s a “Federal Agent” to police. They arrest him anyway.

If we needed more proof that being employed by the TSA sends some people on a power trip there’s this news item to consider:

Claiming he was a federal agent couldn’t keep a Chicago man from being arrested at Great American Ball Park on Saturday.

According to court records, when a concession employees working the View Level refused to serve Rafael Rosario, 26, he asked two more times.

When Cincinnati Police asked to see Rosario’s I.D., he tensed up and claimed he was a federal agent and the officer had no right to see his I.D. Records show Rosario is employed by the Transportation Safety Administration at O’Hare Airport in Chicago.

The police arrested him under the charge of disorderly conduct while intoxicated and being a total asshat. I guess all that bossing around at the airport made him think it applied out in the real world as well.

Fuck you Alfred Dunhill.

According to their Terms and Conditions page this link is unauthorized:

ALFRED DUNHILL does not authorise linking to its Web Site from a third party web site without its prior written authorisation.

Apparently these asshats are some sort of overpriced London-based retailer of mostly mens clothing that is run by idiots who think they can control who’s allowed to link to their website.  Perhaps this is just a clever way to get folks to link to them out of spite and if it is then it worked. Just the same it earns them a great big “fuck you”, with love, from me.

Rep. Monique Davis of Illinois is a bigoted asshat.

Lots of folks have sent me links to news items and blog posts about the antics of Rep. Monique Davis, a Democrat for crying out loud, who opened a can of verbal whoop ass on atheist Rob Sherman. I could rant about what a bigoted asshat she is, but I’ll just let Keith Olbermann do it for me:

I have such a man-crush on Keith.