Looks like we’ll be moving to Ann Arbor.

We finally found a new place to live yesterday and, assuming my credit and background checks are acceptable, we should be signing a lease within a week or so. We’ve been looking for a few weeks now, but hadn’t found anything that we were one hundred percent happy with. A chance drive by the Mill Creek Townhomes last weekend, however, turned out to be just what we were after. They don’t have weekend office hours so we didn’t get a chance to drop by until yesterday after I got off of work. They offer 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes with basements for a reasonable rate and while I was hoping for a three bedroom, in part because they have an additional half bathroom, only the two bedroom models are up for grabs for the next couple of months. Still, the townhome has at least as much square footage as the apartment we had in Canton and that’s not counting the extra room the basement provides. Best of all the rent is only going to be about $100 more a month than what we had been paying in Canton.

My new job is literally a couple of blocks away from the townhomes so, in a pinch, I could walk to work in a reasonable amount of time. Also there are two bus stops for the Ann Arbor Transit Authority system nearby that we can also make use of. With gas prices expected to hit as high as $7 a gallon within the year we’ll probably take advantage of the bus system quite a bit. It doesn’t hurt that they’re all biodiesel hybrids. The fact that Ann Arbor is a college town also means we won’t have to go very far to have access to all sorts of cool stuff.

To say that we’re relieved to have found a place we’ll probably be happy in for at least the next year or two is an understatement. We’d been planning on making the move at the end of June after all the stuff with Courtney’s graduation and open house is out of the way and not having found someplace by the start of June was a little worrying. We hung in there, though, and found the right place in the right location for the right price. It’ll be good to be out on our own once more.