You can quote me on that…

…in fact, someone already has.

The folks at have the article I was interviewed for up on their site. For those few people who still occasionally write in to ask me what I sound like, well, now you can find out because the article includes a podcast of the interview with me and a couple of other people.

You’ll find it here: Nurses Wanted – Autoworkers Could Do.

Now I can knock another 30 seconds off my 15 minutes of fame.

The interview went well. Should be available on the net soon.

Coco Ballantyne, the journalist from, called me around 2PM today for the interview I’d agreed to do. It wasn’t terribly long, maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and it consisted of a handful of questions, but I think it went OK. Apparently it’s going to be used in an audio file of some sort and combined with interviews of several other people. I have no idea how much of my interview will be used, if any at all, but it’ll be available on the web at some point. In thinking back on it I don’t think I said anything particularly insightful, but it’ll be interesting to hear it in contrast to the other folks they talk to. If nothing else it’ll give those of you who keep asking to hear what I sound like a chance to finally find out that I sound like a moron who is no where near as well spoken as he seems to be in text.

Anyway I’ll get an email with the link to the interview once they’ve finished it up and gotten it online so I’ll let you guys know when that happens.

Contemplating my status as a sex object.

So the other day I’m sitting here parsing through SEB’s referrer logs to see who is dropping by the site and weed out spammers when I come across a link to a MySpace page, that I’ve since lost the link to, where a lady has linked back to SEB. The entry itself is a meme that’s going around right now about the bloggers you read with questions like “which blogger makes you laugh” and “which blogger touches your heart.” I was surprised to see that I was her pick for the question: Which blogger would you most like to have sex with? It seems she reads the site regularly and finds my evil bastardness — she doesn’t consider me stupid — to be a very sexy thing.

So I came back to SEB and I took another look at my picture on the front page and many of the other goofy pictures of myself that I’ve put up on SEB over the years and I thought to myself: She’s obviously reading the site through a feed reader and hasn’t actually seen me. I admit that I think that I’m a devilishly handsome guy, but I also admit that I’m probably the only person outside of my wife who thinks that. Not to mention the fact that I’m overweight and about to hit 40 years old this year. An event that has been on my mind quite a bit lately. Now when I was much younger I was a reasonably good looking fellow who managed to have more than his fair share of attention from people of the opposite gender despite never being the sort of person who turned heads when he walked in the room. These days I’ve grown accustomed to the fact that I’m noticed more for my scary beard than for my stunningly rugged good looks and it doesn’t really bother me. I’m happily married and Anne seems to like what she’s bought into so I don’t tend to spend a lot of time contemplating how the opposite gender views me. Which is why it was a surprise to see someone pick me as someone they’d most like to have sex with despite not really knowing me. Needless to say it was quite flattering, if somewhat puzzling at the same time, and it gave me pause to sit and take a new look at myself.

It used to be that as long as I was in my thirties I could still pretend to be a young guy and that was helped by older people telling me “you’re still just a kid” whenever I mentioned my age, but as the big four-oh approaches I no longer feel like I can play that game anymore. Last Saturday I was sitting in the car outside the library where Courtney works waiting to pick her up when she got off for the night and the setting sun was at that one perfect spot in the sky where it casts a warm glow across the landscape and everything in it. I happened to catch my reflection in the rear view mirror and that golden light was perfectly illuminating all the little micro-wrinkles that are starting to form on my face revealing to me that full-blown wrinkles aren’t very far off in my future. The results of a youth spent outdoors in the sun too much without any sunscreen on.

Oddly enough the sudden realization that the wrinkles were already there and just too small to see in normal light didn’t really upset me. I found the idea that I had these mini-wrinkles kind of appealing in a strange way. Made me feel more like a real adult than I usually do. That moment in time combined with stumbling across the female fan who thinks I’m sexy gave me a new perspective to look at myself from which was helpful as I’ve been struggling with a mild bout of depression lately over my continued unemployment. More of a funk I suppose, but this was still enough of a lift to make me feel better about myself for awhile. So a bit of thanks to the lady who finds me sexy for reminding me that there are things about me that others can find attractive.