The Republicans have one fewer nutcase in their midsts.

It seems that theocrat Alan Keyes has decided to quit the GOP:

HAZLETON, Pa. – Former Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes announced Tuesday night that he has left the GOP and is considering joining the Constitution Party.

Keyes, who also ran as a Republican to challenge Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate bid in Illinois in 2004, says he is talking with leaders and rank-and-file members of the Constitution Party.

“They’re considering me, I’m considering them,” Keyes said in a conference call late Tuesday night. “We have so much in common that I find it hard to believe we won’t be able to work out a common basis for working together.”

If you’re like me and scratching your head over what the Constitution Party happens to be, well, suffice it to say that Keyes should be in good nutcase company there:

The Constitution Party says its mission is to limit the federal government to functions spelled out in the U.S. Constitution and “restore American jurisprudence to its original Biblical common-law foundations.”

This should make Keyes all but irrelevant from here on out. In the Republican party he actually had a chance of winning some form of office, but it’s doubtful he’ll accomplish much among his new friends.