SEB’s spam filter is being overly aggressive at the moment.

Not sure why, but for the past couple of days several comments left by SEB regulars have ended up in the Akismet spam queue. This happened for a couple days a few months back and then it settled down so I’m hoping it will do the same this time around.

In the meantime if you leave a comment and it gets moderated or tagged as potential spam don’t worry too much about it. I check in on the site throughout the day and I’ll get it approved before too long.

SEB is getting hammered with comment spam lately.

Here’s a graph showing all the spam SEB has received since the start of September of 2009:

Graph of spam sent to SEB.

It's like a SPAMQUAKE!

We jumped from a low of 23 last October to a record high this month of 2,056. I just cleaned out another 154 from the spam queue and there’s already 3 new ones back in there.

On the plus side, the WordPress implementation of Akismet is damned impressive. Almost all comment spam is caught by the filter with only a couple ever making it through and with only a handful of false positives. Even then the ones that make it past Akismet never see a live page as they get stuck in the moderation queue due to having an unknown email address. It works out to a 99.377% accuracy rate which is nothing to sneeze at.

On the negative side, it doesn’t look like the WP-reCAPTCHA plugin does jack shit in terms of stopping spam bots as most of it is clearly not being typed in by hand. Having said that I must admit that I’ve not turned it off yet to see if things get worse or not, but I’m tempted to try it and see. If things are about the same then there’s little point in using it as it just annoys non-registered commenters.

So while there are aspects of WordPress that annoy me – large number of plugins to recreate functionality found in other systems, annoyingly complicated template system – I have to give them big props for an excellent comment spam solution.