Grenades in your luggage? TSA says that’s A-OK!

Someone please explain to me why the TSA says that you can’t have a bottle of shampoo larger than three ounces in your luggage or a pair of fingernail clippers, but a couple of grenades is OK:

Federal airport screeners found two grenades in the luggage of a man set to board a JetBlue flight at New York’s Kennedy airport, according to

TSA specialists then determined that the explosives were inert and allowed the passenger to board the plane without ever informing police, the TV station’s Web site reported.

The TSA maintained that it’s up to their own personnel to determine when to call police, and said the agency was reprimanded for notifying authorities in a similar incident last month, reported.

Seriously, who is the dumbass coming up with these rules? Regardless of if the grenades were inert, which scenario do you think would cause the most concern among passengers: The one where a guy stands up and threatens to trim the toenails of everyone on board the plane if they don’t do what he demands or the one where the guy stands up holding a couple of grenades that may or may not be real?

Is the TSA staffed entirely by people with the mental capacity of Cheez Whiz? Is there not one competent person amongst them that can see the difference in potential threat between hand grenades and bottles of shampoo? The first thing that needs to be done if Obama wins the election is a complete overhaul, or preferably a complete disassembly, of the TSA. At the very least they need to hire someone with more than a third grade education to come up with the rules about what can and can’t be carried onto a plane.