Timing is everything…

I received the following email from my college this afternoon:

[Broadcast Message] WCC Weather Alert – Closed after 5pm

WCC classes are canceled as of 5:00pm today, January 14, because of weather.

Which is really nice and all except that it arrived at 6:09PM, which is nine minutes after my class was supposed to start, which means I didn’t see it until after I had made the drive across town, and got to the school, and parked, and got out, and saw the sign on the window announcing all classes were canceled, and got back in my car, and spent the next 54 minutes driving back home. A trip that normally takes me only 20 minutes at the most.

Not happy? You bet I’m not. Still it’s a bit of a relief as I didn’t get as much sleep as I’d have liked to and this was my late night. I suppose I should be happy they sent out a notice at all.