Japan quake open thread.

This is an open thread for folks to talk about the quake in Japan that happened yesterday. To say that it is overwhelming in the scope of the damage done is an understatement and I encourage folks to do what they can to help. The 8.9 quake shifted Japan some 8 feet to the east and shifted the tilt of the planet. As bad as that is, the following tsunami made things even worse. Plus ongoing aftershocks which make rescue efforts even more dangerous.

The American Red Cross has mobilized to help and you can donate $10 by texting REDCROSS to 90999 or you can donate any amount you’d like by going to their donation site. Considering that at least one of their nuclear power plants is in danger of going critical things are sure to get worse before they get better. Also you can make use of Google’s Person Finder to try and track down friends and family in Japan.

Here’s hoping all our SEB regulars and their loved ones in Japan made it through OK. Please use this thread to let us know how we can help beyond what I’ve listed here. Or just to let us know you’re alright.