Recently I voiced my opinion concerning Bush deception (lies) concerning Weapons of Mass Destruction. Several people thought that even if I were right that I should provide some evidence other than my opinions.  Well, today I found this news report and am happy to provide you with evidence of Bush misdirection.

Intelligence Agencies `Dead Wrong’ on Iraq Weapons, Report Says

March 31 (Bloomberg)—A presidential commission said U.S. intelligence was “dead wrong’’ about the military threat posed by Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and recommended restructuring intelligence agencies to fight terrorism and weapons proliferation.
The commission said a “major intelligence failure’’ by the Central Intelligence Agency and other U.S. spy agencies misled President George W. Bush to believe Iraq had stockpiled chemical and biological weapons and planned to produce nuclear weapons.
“We conclude that the intelligence community was dead wrong in almost all of its pre-war judgments about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction,’’ the nine-member commission said in a letter to Bush at the front of the 600-page report released by the White House.

Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney cited Hussein’s weapons capability to justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Then-CIA Director George Tenet had told the president that the evidence of Hussein’s possession of weapons of mass destruction was “a slam- dunk case.’’ No major biological or nuclear weapons stockpiles were found.

The report recommended improved information sharing among the government’s intelligence agencies and creation of a new national security service within the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A national security division within the Justice Department should be created to oversee the agency’s efforts to combat terrorism.

To contact the reporter on this story:
James Rowley in Washington at jarowley@bloomberg.net

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Joe Winski at jwinski@bloomberg.net
Last Updated: March 31, 2005 08:45 EST

I hope this satisfies the requirement for evidence from Brock. It would be a shame to keep him in suspense! I hope this isn’t considered lecturing.


By Peter Fredson

At present this nation is as divided as it can get without actually recurring to civil war, political assassinations, or having military law with soldiers patrolling every street with heavy weapons at the ready. While we are still a long way from our troops spreading democracy and liberty in the U.S., as in Iraq, with cruise missiles, helicopter gun ships, night vision goggles, heavy armor, cannon and weaponry, our country is being engulfed in the deadly grip of Dominionist Neo-Con and Corporate fascism.  And we do have jack-booted police, with clubs, gas, shields and heavy weapons preventing any demonstration that might embarrass the administration. There are plenty of demonstrations against the Bush regime, but the chances of any newspaper covering them are mighty slim.

The long history of our democracy and the yearning for civil peace has so far stifled any general call to arms or a coup-de-etat for regime change. There is a general complacency, or hope, that everything will turn out all right in the end. Most Americans are optimistic about the future, dimly seen. But the relentless quest of the True Believers for dominion, for total control, and the quest of the great corporate powers for monopoly, hegemony, and endless profits may soon develop active resistance.

The French Revolution was spawned by similar circumstances.  The American Revolution and the Mexican Revolution put church and state back into equilibrium after the merciless combination of King and Church exploited humanity for centuries. We are today witnessing a resurgence of clerical and political tyranny similar to that imposed before the American Revolution.  Perhaps History is repeating itself?

We are daily watching the executive branch give orders to Congress and to the Justice system, largely because the president believes he was chosen by God and therefore can do no wrong.  We know that the entire Republican Party was captured by True Believers. Can anyone think of any legislation proposed by George II that Republicans did not approve overwhelmingly? Did any Republican senators warn George II that they would vote against him on any topic? On the contrary, George II was advised by legal wizards that he is above the law. Only the most avid supporters of Bush do not believe that the abuse and torture at Abu Ghraib were initiated by the Bush executives.

He awards his most extreme sycophants with top appointments, and chastises his critics by relegating them to limbo.  He is so unsure of his own merit that his sycophants have to introduce fake reporters to ask him easy questions that he can answer without his usual stammer, smirk, and deviousness. He has an imperial attitude toward secrecy that overwhelms anyone trying to get specific information on his programs.

He does not trust the American people and has imposed a reign of legal terror upon them in which he can arrest anyone at will, hold them without warrant, and abuse and torture them to obtain his ends. He can listen in on any private conversation, read any mail, look at any computer files, check out what books people have read. He has not hesitated to intrude his religious beliefs upon our legal system. He hypocritically declares that he wants no activist judges, but only those who will vote the way he wants them to vote. He does not hesitate to disrupt the legal process any time it varies from his beliefs and had his senate pass special legislation to by-pass normal judicial routes to accommodate hysterical True Believers who knew better than doctors how to treat vegetative states.  His brother thought seriously of kidnapping a dying woman in order to accommodate True Believers.

Every time George II finds that administering the country is too “hard” he distracts people from his poor performance with some emotional issue, of personal choice, and exploits it for every dime and vote, wringing it out endlessly.  His hold on people seems so precarious that he even had people sign oaths that they would be faithful to him, and his police would eject any critic of any kind without even a “by your leave.”  He wanted the churches to give him lists of worshippers so he could use them as political cannon-fodder. He has subverted the media to the point where otherwise-decent reporters can no longer be objective.

This shows a desperate man, voracious for power, intolerant of any opinion than his own, having the compassion of an alligator. His political machination is a power-grab that masquerades as religion, and unites most superstitious True Believers behind him, in the belief that he may be a kind of messiah, because “He talks to God.” No reporter ever asks him what God answers, or if God ever answers, but that is beside the point when grabbing for power by exploiting religion.

He loves to consider himself a War-Time President, as it gives him more power, while his followers disregard the fact that the invasion and war of Iraq was achieved by misdirection and lies about non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction that offered “imminent danger to the U.S.” with unceasing rhetoric about “regime change” and “EVIL.”

To justify keeping the U.S. at war, he combined “peace” with “freedom” and “security” as in a commencement address to Concordia University students by saying, “America works for peace and freedom….For the sake of peace, for the sake of security, we stand for freedom.” In his inaugural address for his second term in 2005 he used the terms “Liberty” and “Freedom” until he wore them out.

Everyone disregarded that fact that his “Liberty, Freedom, and Democracy” meant having 160,000 troops destroying buildings in Iraq, shooting civilians at will, imposing puppets on a sovereign nation, and installing a permanent tyranny of airbases and embassies.

His spin doctors made it seem that people in Iraq, heroically fighting to get the Yankees out of their sovereign country, were all terrorists. The word “patriot” became “insurgent.”, sometimes even “Thug” or “Outlaw.”

But I imagine that King George during the American Revolution used somewhat the same language for the American rebels. The present George II does not even bother to count the civilian dead of Iraq, as they are simply heretical trash that are to be eradicated eventually by missionizing and crusading followers. The imperial will of George II is not to be contested. He and his corporate buddies intend to rule the world. After all, his finger IS near a button which if pushed can unleash all the horrors of civilization gone mad, and this is a mighty weapon with which to menace the entire world.  Indeed this can make any old draft-dodger feel like Julius Caesar.

His followers are singularly devoted to him, giving all their effort, money and votes to achieve either their Apocalypse, or world domination.  Nothing he does seems to evoke much criticism from True Believers. Certainly all of the thousands of evangelists are exulting with his attack on church and state and thanking him for letting them impose their beliefs on the entire nation in the form of pledges, commandments, icons, dogma and symbols.  They have taken over much of the media and control the flow of information.

Fox News is a prime example of a TV propaganda station that is owned by a True Believer and his “newscasters” know that any deviation from the True Believer line will immediately cost them their jobs. Christian music and bookstores have taken over many distribution outlets. Prayer is daily advocated as the prime remedy for any ailment. Science is excoriated, while Bible quotations are offered as solutions to any problem. Education is dumbed-down to accommodate True Believers. Angels are seen everywhere, while images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary abound on fence-posts and even on tortillas. Con-artist faith-healers abound with no interference from government regulations. True Believers weep, blubber and chant over a “sacred” monument erected by an Alabama judge who wants everyone to acknowledge “his” God. 

Democrats seem dazed and have mounted no effective attack against Right Wing tyranny, or they might be thought of as “anti-Jesus” and that would be political suicide in present day America. Few senators speak out against the growing fascist tendency, with Senator Robert Byrd an honorable exception. Even a Supreme Court judge remarked that the separation of Church and State was a bad metaphor and should be discarded.

What will happen when all the Supreme Court Judges have been appointed by George II? Can this country remain a democracy, or will it drift into theocracy with a fascist flavor? If we have no independent Congress or Supreme Court, but everything is commanded by the Executive Office, then why not go directly to Imperial rule?

After all, the Romans were efficient, even if they had to behave rudely with non-Romans. Imperialism might be a good solution to environmental problems today, where lions and tigers are disappearing, for lack of room and food, to revive the good old Roman Coliseum practice of feeding the animals with non-conformists.

Perhaps atheists, secularists, agnostics, humanists and their ilk could be given copies of Darwin and put naked in the arena against True Believers armed with crosses, heavy Bibles, and Ten Commandment Tablets, singing “Onward Christian Soldiers.” That’ll teach ‘em!’



By Peter Fredson

Although SEB bloggers have sufficiently expressed their outrage at the exploitation of a dying woman by the Bush administration and all the True Believer interference, I just finished watching Fox News on the matter and am burning up with pent-up wrath.

Exploitation is taking advantage of some unfortunate circumstance to profit by it. The most recent case is that of a poor unfortunate woman who has been in a vegetative state for years. The exploitation comes through politicians and True Believers taking advantage of her plight to boost their own agenda, in an unconscionable display of crude manners and rhetoric intended to wring all the juice out of emotions. They intend to profit by gaining votes and cash, and override any independent judges and senators still left in America. They intend to dominate, not only the U.S. but the world and impose their beliefs on everyone. If they have to exploit a dying woman to gain their ends, what’s wrong with that?

Fox News, for instance, is among the most egregious offenders. Several of their broadcasters seem to have astounding medical knowledge, surpassing that of doctors in charge of the patient. They have viewed video tapes made of the patient years ago, and by clever showing of the tape, countless times, diagnosed the patient’s condition as easily remediable. They use every rhetorical device to push their view, and if they interview anyone about the matter they take care by boisterous loud-mouthed obnoxious voicing of their opinions to override any opposing view. Talk about roiling up muddy waters, Fox people will drown us in them!

Politicians had no hesitation in changing laws, avoiding laws, or substituting emotional appeals for medical knowledge. George Bush, who is so ethical in his demand that judges must strictly adhere to the constitution, found no difficulty in shorting out the entire legal process and calling a compliant congress to pass special legislation, which does not really benefit the victim but is intended to stir up votes and cash. That’s exploitation!

Jeb Bush wanted Florida’s Child’s Protective Services to kidnap the patient and force “treatment” on her, but police were stationed around the patient to prevent that violent act. Finally, after many legal maneuvers, Jeb announced that his powers were limited.  Mirabile dictu! This announcement was never made by his brother George, who believes that his power is unlimited by any man-made laws. His “compassionate conservatism” drips with rhetorical pity for the patient, but is unable to squeeze one tear for the many people dying in his country because of inadequate medical coverage caused by his corporate friends who exploit the sick and dying to make huge profits. He certainly does not seem to have shed any but crocodile tears for the 1,600 dead soldiers that he sent to their deaths.

True Believers gathered near the victim, holding glasses of water, for the cameras. They sent a small boy, holding a glass of water, who was then stopped by police, in front of the cameras. Then black-robed monks with crucifixes held high, expressed their absolute horror that the patient be forced to die when she could live as a vegetable for years yet. People knelt in the street, waved their arms about, prayed loudly, held up signs and insisted that the law be sent in to kidnap the poor patient, or if that failed that the law be circumvented as often as possible to obtain their desired result which was the absolute rehabilitation of the victim so that she should laugh and dance again. And all it would take is some forced feeding, a good glass of water, and tender loving care to make the patient whole. Because, you see, the True Believers KNOW she wants to stay alive despite any wishes she may have expressed previously. True Believers KNOW that.

We have True Believers who swear that the patient screamed for help because someone bumped her bed and she became started and supposedly emitted a sound. True Believers are not really interested in what their God wants to do with the patient, but in what they want to do with the patient. And what they want to do with the patient is exploit her to the maximum, to show how superior their faith is to that of physicians, husbands, justices and other.

Meanwhile G.W. Bush waves a flag in one hand, holds a crucifix in the other, and puts a sorrowful expression on his face just before getting on his billion-dollar helicopter to cut brush on some land in Texas. Votes and Cash.  Votes and Cash.  Bottom Line.

Pity for the homeless in America?  Pity for the starving in America?
Pity for the sick and dying in America because they can’t afford medical care?  Compassion for the thousands of maimed veterans who will need care for many years? Sure, just double their costs this year and maybe redouble the costs again next year.  Pity for the poor billionaires of America?  You bet! Cut minimum wages, let Mexicans flood the country, more tax cuts for the downtrodden rich, maybe invade another oil-rich country by some pretext.

Or why not let Millennium Corporation take charge of the poor dying patient? Surely there must be some money left from her husband or parents or supporters that Millennium executives could take?  Surely there is more from which these vultures can benefit.




By Peter Fredson

The first spring day has finally come. Everyone feels good to be alive after a harsh winter. Astronomical spring begins around March 21st, on the Vernal Equinox and continues until the 1st of June. The long hours of dark gradually give way to longer hours of light. Surfing the Internet brings out interesting data about this time.

At the vernal equinox the sun is directly over the equator. It rises due east and sets due west—except near the poles—and the length of daylight is about the same everywhere: 12 hours, 8 minutes.

Neanderthalers must have been terrified to believe that the sun was slowly disappearing, day by day, until in late February the dark hours seemed endless.  We know that later societies observed rituals intended to cajole the sun to return, and that they held festivals of joy at the evidence that darkness would become sunlight.

Easter is the Supreme Holy Day of Christianity. It celebrates the myth of reanimation from death of the sun god, Jesus. Easter is a blend of Christian and non-Christian mythology. The Christian side is shown by Jesus on crosses and the pagan side by Easter Eggs, bunnies and little chickens.


Archbishop William Gooley of the Manhattan Branch of The Reformed Church of the Redeemer has again created dissention among the faithful. He announced that the Church Council, after years of study of all relevant documentation and evidence, has reluctantly concluded that all pagan elements of Easter must be stricken from Christian observances. He stated: “The reason for the season is JESUS, not any pagan gods or apocryphal observances coming from the heretics of Assyria and Sumeria or other religions. Well-meaning Christians took rituals from heretical sources to heighten the Christian experience, but this is like trying to improve perfection itself. It is illegitimate, heretical, and turns Easter into reminiscences of barbarism. We intend to purge Christianity of all such excrescences and return it to its original purity. We want everyone to stop the idolatry of rabbits and chickens.”

Bishop Osteen Wilberforce, editor of the BIRMINGHAM RELIGIOUS COURIER, said:
“The only word “Easter”, in the King James version of the Bible, Acts 12:4, says that Herod had put Peter in prison, “intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people” (Acts 12:4). In the original Greek text the word isn’t “Easter”, but “Pesach”, or “Passover.”  The name was changed illegitimately, bringing people into juxtaposition with pagan rituals and entities. Exodus 34:14 says: “For you shall worship no other god, for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.”

“Asherah” the Greek form of Easter in the Septuagint is “Astarte”, a Babylonian goddess of the sea. She was mother of several gods, including Ba’al, the Babylonian sun god. Canaanites named these female deities the Ashereh or Asherim. They were carved of wood from an evergreen tree, or erected in Canaanite homes as full trees. The Asherim were fertility gods of the spring equinox, when days and nights were about equal length, signifying the beginning of living things. A ritual was performed on the first Sunday of the equinox when people would face the rising of the sun, the symbol of the sun god, Ba’al. Then the children would hunt for eggs, symbolic of sex, fertility and new life. It was said that eggs came from rabbits are symbolic of lust, sexual prowess and reproduction.”

“Anglo-Saxons in the middle ages thought the Universe was hatched from an enormous egg. So, decorating eggs was to honor their pagan gods. “

“The Roman Catholic Church adopted this tradition and named it EASTER around 155 A.D. According to the CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA, Easter was named after an Anglo-Saxon goddess named Eostre, goddess of the dawn. Hence, since the original practice of Asherah worship we now have a counterfeit holiday for the celebration of Easter.  We must return to the true Christian festival of the Passover when Christ died on the cross as our Passover Lamb. He is not an egg, or chicken or rabbit.”

“The reason the death of Jesus is of importance to Christians is because Jesus died for their sins so they get to live forever with him when they die. Because Jesus survived death, believers will too. But they won’t do it with chickens and rabbits.”

Bishop Wilberforce continued: “Because all our research showed that some early good-will Christians adopted pagan customs illegitimately we resolutely must insist on wresting these apostate reminiscences from our glorious religion. “

For the uninitiated non-Christian we should explain that Christians celebrate the death and rebirth of the god Jesus in a grotesque cannibalistic ritual of symbolically eating his flesh and drinking his blood! This bizarre custom, known as “Holy Communion”, might be called “swallow the leader.” Evidently, to be a happy well-adjusted Christian you should observe Easter by eating human flesh and blood.

It’s time to stop making colored Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies. Churches should give out palm fronds, put ashes on people’s foreheads, drink the blood of Jesus, and make signs of crosses in the air.  Probably the most noble person put on a cross was Spartacus, but he died giving people freedom, and that’s not Christian.

It would be unfair for manufacturers to suddenly stop making Easter Produce. News items and blogs concerning Easter have shown a few suggestions for marketing chocolate images of Jesus for Easter, for those that think the Easter Bunny is too secular and blasphemous for the holiday. This fits in with the last supper where everyone eats the body of Christ. Some people suggest a kind of drink to go along with it, a purple drink for adults, called Bloody Jesus, to accompany a Bloody Mary.  And there could be a non-alcoholic drink called Jesus Joy Juice for the kiddies.

A blogger suggestion is that we make little fuzzy images of Jesus out of pink and blue marshmallow instead of little chicks, and perhaps make chocolate images of Jesus, both solid and hollow with big rabbit ears to bite off first.  It is well known that chicks and bunnies are given to children and that the animals are often abused, tortured and abandoned. We can avoid such cruelty to bunnies and little chickens, by substituting the Christ image. We could have “Christ in a Basket” surrounded by heavenly yellow streamers, or little bobble-headed Christs in rear windows of cars. And for Easter cleansing we could have “Christ on a rope” soap.

As a curiosity some blogger calculated that if Jesus rose from the dead, and went to Heaven, and if Heaven is outside the known universe, and if the laws of nature invented by god apply to god, then Jesus could not travel faster than the speed of light. If he left for Heaven two thousand years ago, he isn’t there yet, and won’t be there for some time. So, we really shouldn’t concern ourselves about his return to earth.

Finally, while surfing the net I found this gem.

“There they found the Pope pointing to a single word on a parchment, Repeating over and over……..
……. “There’s an ‘R’!!!,
      ….. there IS an ‘R’!!!
      ….  the word is celibRate!”




Now, folks, that we have all gone through 4 years of Bush administration of our country, let’s see what you have to say about it.

How many of you believe that when G.W.B. was offered the chance to serve his country on activity duty, but instead got his Father to get him a commission in the National Guard, that this makes him some kind of military hero, entitled to strut in uniform as an example to all our brave boys? Raise your hands.
How many of you believe that when G.W.B. was shown to go A.W.O.L. from his National Guard duty, that this is a shining example to all our brave boys in uniform? Raise your hands.

How many of you believe that when G.W.B. smirked and mocked at a lady scheduled for execution in Texas, that this showed his “compassionate conservatism?”

How many of you believe that before 9/11, when G.W.B. took long vacations on his ranch, because being president was “hard”, that this shows he was on the alert against terrorists and took every precaution humanly possible against them.

How many of you still believe that Iraq had a mighty store of Weapons of Mass Destruction and that our country was in “imminent” danger from them?

How many of you still believe that Bush took every diplomatic step necessary to force Saddam Hussein to divest his WMD’s but was forced to take preemptive action because of the terrorism that Saddam had unleashed against the U.S.?

How many of you believe that all the W.M.D.’s were secretly taken to Iran or Syria, making it necessary for us to invade them soon?

How many of you believe recent statements of Condi Rice that there are NO plans, at the present moment, to invade either Iran or Syria?

How many of you believe that all the money spent on the war in Iraq was justified and that the U.S. economy doesn’t need it?

How many of you believe that G.W.B. is supposed to tell people when they can take a feeding tube out of someone in a vegetative state?

How many of you believe that G.W.B. is right in taking quotations out of the Bible and putting them a legal documents into our Constitution?

How many of you believe that oil had nothing to do with our invasion of Iraq?

How many of you believe that giving Millennium Corporation control of Iraq oil, without contracts, was perfectly fair?

How many of you believe that Millennium Corporation is corrupt?

How many of you are satisfied that Martha Steward, dangerous felon, was prosecuted but that Ken Delay is still enjoying liberty?

How many of you think that G.W.B. and his father never sold any arms or WMD’s to Saddam, or had any profitable business dealings with him.

How many of you don’t believe there was any Right Wing Conspiracy to put G.W.B. into office for immense access to government and the treasury?

How many of you believe that the Republican Congress is free and independent of all control by the Executive Branch and that senators will all vote independently of any executive pressure?

How many of you believe that the appointments of judges should be made independently of their personal religious beliefs or of executive pressure?

How many of you believe that judges should be appointed because of their religious beliefs which coincide with those of G.W.B.?

How many of you believe that Liberty and Freedom can be made by cruise missiles, heavy weapons, nuclear threats, and destruction of lives and property?

How many of you think that the death of over 100,000 Iraqis is a mere trifle, not even to be counted when compared to aspirations of G.W.B.

How many of you think that when G.W.B. strutted and swaggered in a flight suit on the deck of a carrier, that the Mission had been Accomplished and that all was back to normal relations?

How many of you think that putting a huge air base in a country we invaded is showing that we respect their sovereignty?

How many of you think that a foreign president hand-picking puppets to fill vital government posts in another country is respecting their sovereignty.

How many of you think that keeping 120,000 troops on duty, with guns drawn, tanks revved up, planes with loaded missiles at the ready, in a foreign country, still killing civilians and destroying property, is normal diplomacy.

How many of think that it was worth killing 1,500 of our brave soldiers, and wounding or maiming thousands more was worth seeing G.W.B. strut about in monkey pants?

How many of you think a theocracy is much better than a democracy?

How many of you believe that G.W.B. has shown enough progress to tell other nations how to regulate their affairs?

Did you raise your hands at anything? Your voice?

Thank you for your opinion.



By Peter Fredson

It was a pleasant day when I sailed my small sloop out of Miami port.  I had taken on full provisions of food and drink, had my CD of THE BEST SERMONS OF PAT ROBERTSON in my player and set full sail for the eastern horizon. Suddenly a vast wind sprang up which tossed my small sloop like a cork in a bathtub. I was blown off course, my compass stopped working, and for several hours I fought desperately to survive the savage roiling heaving sea. I awoke in uncharted waters, probably surrounded by hostile nations, but I remembered my mission was to search for cheap labor and oil for my country and our beloved leader Prince George.

Then I saw it. It was an unknown large island, full of swaying palm trees with swaying natives, gaily painted, dancing on the beach with savage rhythms in lustful embraces. Overcoming my revulsion I casually uncovered my used .50 caliber machine gun, and placing my trusty Colt automatic in my belt, I reached for my bag of trade goods…mainly beads and mirrors, with some edifying photographs of our beloved leader, Prince George, to overwhelm the innocent but stupid natives. Wading out on the beach I reached the shore and threw a small grenade among the natives to make them keep some distance.

I then drew my large Bowie hunting knife out of the scabbard and cut the sign of our sacred cross in the nearest palm tree.  Using the police loud-speaker I then addressed the natives as follows:

On the part of Prince George, and of Princess Laura, his daughter, Sovereigns of Florida and Texas, subduers of the barbarous nations, I their servant notify and make known to you, as best I can, that the Lord our God, Living and Eternal, created the Heaven and the Earth, and one man and one woman, of whom you and we, all the men of the world, were and are descendants, and all those who came after us. But, on account of the multitude which has sprung from this man and woman in the five thousand years since the world was created, it was necessary that some men should go one way and some another, and that they should be divided into many kingdoms and provinces, for in one alone they could not be sustained.
  Of all these nations God our Lord gave charge to one man, called St. Peter, that he should be Lord and Superior of all the men in the world, that all should obey him, and that he should be the head of the whole human race, wherever men should live, and under whatever law, sect, or belief they should be; and he gave him the world for his kingdom and jurisdiction.

And he commanded him to place his seat in Washington, as the spot most fitting to rule the world from; but also he permitted him to have his seat in any other part of the world, and to judge and govern all Christians, Moors, Jews, Gentiles, and all other sects. This man was called Pope Robertson,  as if to say, Admirable Great Father and Governor of men. The men who lived in that time obeyed that St. Peter, and took him for Lord, King, and Superior of the universe; so also they have regarded the others who after him have been elected to the pontificate, and so has it been continued even till now, and will continue till the end of the world.

One of these Pontiffs, who succeeded that St. Peter as Lord of the world, in the dignity and seat which I have before mentioned, made donation of these isles and Tierra-firme to the aforesaid Prince and Princess and to their successors, our lords, with all that there are in these territories, as is contained in certain writings which passed upon the subject as aforesaid, which you can see if you wish.

So their Highnesses are kings and lords of these islands and land of Tierra-firme by virtue of this donation: and some islands, and indeed almost all those to whom this has been notified, have received and served their Highnesses, as lords and kings, in the way that subjects ought to do, with good will, without any resistance, immediately, without delay, when they were informed of the aforesaid facts.  And they have been notified that any resistance is futile and that any resistance will be met with severe measures, including the depopulation of these lands.

And also they received and obeyed the priests whom their Highnesses sent to preach to them and to teach them our Holy Faith; and all these, of their own free will, without any reward or condition, have become evangelistic speaking-in-tongues Christians, and are so, and their Highnesses have joyfully and benignantly received them, and also have commanded them to be treated as their subjects and vassals; and you too are held and obliged to do the same. 

Wherefore, as best we can, we ask and require you that you consider what we have said to you, and that you take the time that shall be necessary to understand and deliberate upon it, and that you acknowledge the Church of Prince George as the Ruler and Superior of the whole world, and the high priest called Pope Robertson, and in his name the Princess Laura,  with Karl Rove and Condi Rice, your lords, in his place, as superiors and lords and kings of these islands and this Tierra-firme by virtue of the said donation, and that you consent and give place to whatever these religious fathers should declare and preach to you the aforesaid.
If you do so, you will do well, and that which you are obliged to do to their Highnesses, and we in their name shall receive you in all love and charity, and shall leave you, your wives, and your children, and your lands, free without servitude, that you may do with them and with yourselves freely that which you like and think best, and they shall not compel you to turn Christians, unless you yourselves, when informed of the truth, should wish to be converted to our Holy Catholic Faith, as almost all the inhabitants of the rest of the islands have done. And, besides this, their Highnesses award you many privileges and exemptions and will grant you many benefits, not the least of which is the minimum wage and a 14-hour working day.

But, if you do not do this, and maliciously make delay in it, I certify to you that, with the help of God, we shall powerfully enter into your country, and shall make war against you in all ways and manners that we can, and shall subject you to the yoke and obedience of the Church and of their Highnesses; we shall take you and your wives and your children, and shall make slaves of them, and as such shall sell and dispose of them as their Highnesses may command; and we shall take away your goods, and shall do you all the mischief and damage that we can, as to vassals who do not obey, and refuse to receive their lord, and resist and contradict him; and we protest that the deaths and losses which shall accrue from this are your fault, and not that of their Highnesses, or ours, nor of these cavaliers who come with us. We ask everyone who is present that they should be witnesses of this Requisition and shall kneel in obeisance to these lawful commands.

The savage natives gathered rocks and sticks and with madness on their faces, rushed at me, shouting “FAR Q FAR Q”.  Unfortunately my machine gun, bought at a gun sale, jammed and I had to beat a hasty retreat by using pepper spray and a clip of bullets sending several natives to their rest.  Otherwise I’m sure that the unruly savage ungrateful heathens would have probably killed and eaten me.

Now I know what Columbus must have felt, and on my next voyage I will go more prepared to spread the word of our Lord and Prince among the heathen.  I am determined to evangelize those brutes, put bras on all their women, and obtain a steady supply of cheap labor.




Dr. James Vanderwater of the First Dutch Reformed Church of the Redeemer has created considerable consternation among the faithful of his flock. He announced that the Church Council, after years of study of all relevant documentation and evidence, has reluctantly concluded that Salvation is no longer available for anyone on earth, nor has it been available for the past millennium. He stated that God had preselected only 144,000 humans to reunite with him in the heavenly abode. All the rest, regardless of prayers, kneelings, offerings, foot-washings, talking in tongues, revivals, mass choirs or other devices to curry favor with the Supreme Judge, are destined to be cast into the fiery pit. No man, woman, child, whether they be innocent virgins or hardened sinners will receive any kind of absolution or special dispensation.

Every human regardless of social status, prestige, wealth, health, emotional state, physical condition, age, or sex will now upon death have their souls immediately transferred to the dominion and care of Satan. No supplications, entreaties, or pleas will avail in any degree. All are doomed to an eternity of punishment for the sins of their ancestors.

Dr. James Vanderwater said:  “Every person must now suffer the eternal and unbearable agonies of hell forever without any chance of escape or mercy from the evil jailer who oversees their perpetual, unending torture.  The Saving Grace of Christ has now been superceded by the Judgment of God who has predestined people who go to either heaven or hell, without any further consideration of choice. The Judgment is now over. No preachment of salvation will avail nor is it in any way acceptable because the almighty God has condemned all present generations irrevocably and with eternal finality.”

The First Dutch Reformed Church of the Redeemer Council has advised their Presbyterian neighbors to ready themselves emotionally for transport to the nether regions. The Council also advises that people must respect this judgment and not behave in immature fashion by weeping and wailing in premature fashion, but to enjoy the fruits of Earth as long as possible.
Said Dr. Vanderwater: “God is free and gracious. There is nothing we might do to earn God’s favor. Rather, our salvation comes directly from God alone. We are able to choose God because God first chose us.  The idea that the Supreme Judge has not predestined anyone to damnation is false and an unforgivable heresy.  The idea that people can be saved by grace is no longer viable. The damned are damned by God’s love because of their sin, arrogance and stubbornness.  This is a mystery that is incomprehensible to human reason and cannot be reasoned away. We all must prepare for doom.”

Dr. Vanderwater quoted from St. Peter, who rightfully said, “Therefore hath he mercy on whom he will have mercy, and whom he will be hardeneth. Thou wilt say, why doth he yet find fault? For who hath resisted his will? Nay, but who art thou, O man, that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed Say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus? Hath not the potter power over the clay of the same lump, to make one vessel unto honor and another unto dishonor?”

Bishop Osteen Wilberforce, editor of the BIRMINGHAM RELIGIOUS COURIER, said:
“People became complacent after millennia of hypocrisy, cheating, giving false witness, sexual misconduct and doing violence, without seeing any overt punishment for miscreants. They thought God was not watching. But they were so very wrong. His ways are unfathomable, his commands inescapable, and his punishment will come whenever HE deems it appropriate. And it is indeed too late for repentance, appeals, and rationalizations. It is time for the gnashing of teeth. We have brought it all upon ourselves.”



By Peter Fredson

After arduous examination of political and religious files of the past 20 years, I came to the conclusion that there was a conspiracy to demolish the Wall of Separation between Church and State. I see the effects of this conspiracy daily in the all-pervasive religiosity and militant neo-con corporatism of this nation.

Some people still refuse to see a conspiracy leading to the joining of government institutions with church organizations. They ignore the strategy voiced by George Grant, of Coral Ridge Ministries who states in The Changing of the Guard, Biblical Principles for Political Action:

“Christians have an obligation, a mandate, a commission, a holy responsibility to reclaim the land for Jesus Christ—to have dominion in civil structures, just as in every other aspect of life and godliness.
But it is dominion we are after. Not just a voice.
It is dominion we are after. Not just influence.
It is dominion we are after. Not just equal time.
It is dominion we are after.”
“World conquest. That’s what Christ has commissioned us to accomplish. We must win the world with the power of the Gospel. And we must never settle for anything less… Thus, Christian politics has as its primary intent the conquest of the land—of men, families, institutions, bureaucracies, courts, and governments for the Kingdom of Christ. (pp. 50-51)”

Ostrich people, with their heads firmly in the sand, ignore seminal investigations like:

THE COUNCIL FOR NATIONAL POLICY by Barbara Aho,  watch.pair.com/cnp.html
Who Is The Council For National Policy And What Are They Up To? And Why Don’t They Want You To Know?  by Jeremy Leaming and Rob Boston http://www.au.org/site.

The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party is a public information project from TheocracyWatch.org http://www.theocracywatch.org/

EXPOSÉ: THE “CHRISTIAN” MAFIA: Where Those Who Now Run the U.S. Government Came From and Where They Are Taking Us, By Wayne Madsen. Look up:

I could point you at several hundred investigations on this subject, but you are all familiar with Google and can access the files for yourself, if you want to know about fundamentalist and political shenanigans leading up to the dismal state of the union today.

Although meetings of top evangelical executives were kept secret, we know their agenda, strategy and tactics. We have the names of several hundred leaders who committed to the strategy of attacking Church and State separation, such as: Rousas John Rushdoony, Paul Viguerie, Tim LaHaye, Don Wildmon, Pat Crouch, (founder of the Trinity Broadcast Network) and James Kennedy, head of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell, Gary Bauer, Ralph Reed, Don Wildmon, James Dobson, Paul Weyrich, and the wierd Unification Church Moon. The movement soon tapped ambitious conservative politicians Newt Gingrich, Dennis Hastert, John Ashcroft, Tom DeLay, Dan Quayle, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush. What they proposed is certainly what I would call a “conspiracy.” Look up any of these people and see how they are linked.

With 2004 polls showing the race either tied or with Democratic candidate John Kerry ahead in key “swing” states, the alert to Christian activists went out across the nation by e-mail and in the pulpits and they responded like the good sheep they are.

Millions of dollars exchanged hands in 2003-2004 to achieve Far Right goals. Millions of votes were promised and delivered by sharp shepherds of sheep-like Fundamentalists. Although we know that politicians have notoriously short memories, in the Far Right cause they delivered handsomely.

Critics fondly hope that the True Believers will cancel each other out. Although I have no crystal ball, or astrological tables to guide me, I have done intensive research into how this mess came about, and I worry that a Democracy might soon become a Corporate Theocracy. If you don’t, then perhaps you should worry. Of course, some of you may be perfectly happy to be totally Christianized and assured of your place in the Heavenly Halls, or to let Benny Hinn cure all of your ills. It is certainly comforting to have all problems solved with a “God did it” or a “God will punish sinners.” If so, have a nice life and send your earnings to Pat so he can buy another Ferrari or Lear Jet for the Glory of God.

I believe Bush and his lawyers led to the Abu Gharib torture and abuse scandal, and I believe that George Bush thinks he is above the law. I believe that the invasion of Iraq was not to combat terrorism but to seize oil reserves. I wonder at the objectivity of reporters at ignoring young Bush’s National Guard days and all the attempts of Congress to install Christian icons in public places.  I still wonder at the ability of the Far Right to impose a shallow smirking power-hungry prevaricator upon the world as a second junior Jesus, or a third-rate Julius Caesar.

No, I don’t believe the sky is falling but I am profoundly disappointed in the objectivity and education of the American public. Meanwhile we can expect civil rights abuses and the gradual diminishing of national prestige under growing deficits, attacks on the environment and social security, outsourcing, and corrupt faith-based initiatives from the secretive Bush administration in the next 3 years.

May Heaven give you what you deserve!



By Peter Fredson

When you hear the word “Conspiracy” you might think of an evil Mr. Goldfinger, rubbing his hands with glee as he is about to conquer the last obstacle to ruling the world, or of people who talk about alien abductions, but rarely of the Southern gentlemen who conspired to kidnap and kill Abraham Lincoln to defend their Southern Values.

I did not find one single mad televangelist or mooney politician that controls the entire effort of the Right Wing, although insane-sounding televangelists and political termites do infest the woodwork of the nation. The issue is much more complex, with networks of organizations having differing and even competing agendas. There are divisions between Rightists reflecting the hundreds of various brands of Christianity and the various Republican agendas concerning private business, deregulation, home schooling, faith-based services, outsourcing, and privatization and a dozen other sources of internal dissention. The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is very real, but it is also multi-layered and serves many causes.


Part of the Right Wing political organization wishes to rule the world. Look up Karl Rove’s plan for U.S. Supremacy, first-strike readiness, aggression at a push-button, and recipe for bullying and threatening other nations. I kid you not. Here is a real life conspiracy which guides George Bush and his Yale corporate buddies. They want the U.S. to rule the world, and they intend to rule the U.S. Perhaps they do rub their hands with glee and cackle like movie villains. I don’t know.

“We need to find ways to win the war” said Karl Rove, President Bush’s political director to the Family Research Council in March, 2002. He wasn’t talking about a war on terrorism but the war on secular society which Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson had declared. The Moral Majority and Christian Coalition formed a vital part of Right Wing Conspiracy, and contributed heavily to strategy, tactics, and execution.

They declared that secular humanism was, as Paul Weyrich said in a talk: “The real enemy is the secular humanist mindset which seeks to destroy everything that is good in this society.”

“Our aim,” said Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Coalition, at a 1984 banquet, “is to gain dominion over society.” His path to dominion was clear when he told the Denver Post in 1992 that his goal was to “take working control of the Republican Party.”
Pat Robertson in 1991, at a Christian Coalition Road to Victory gathering said: “It’s going to be a spiritual battle. There will be Satanic forces…. We are not going to be coming up just against human beings, to beat them in elections. We’re going to be coming up against spiritual warfare.”

When we were facing a war in Iraq, Alabama Governor Bob Riley declared, while speaking to the Alabama Christian Coalition’s “Friends of the Family” Celebration, March 8, 2003 “There is another war going on in this country. This one is far more insidious. It’s one that you just can’t go and attack. It’s a war for the absolute soul of this country.” He asked his followers to enlist in a crusade to restore Christianity to America.

Rev. D. James Kennedy, pastor of the Coral Ridge Presbyterians, founder of Reclaiming America for Christ movement, reached an audience of 3.5 million people when he declared: “the even more diabolical ‘wall of separation’ that has led to increasing secularization, godlessness, immorality, and corruption in our country.”

“God has called us to engage the enemy in this culture war. That is our challenge today.” James Kennedy wrote in Character & Destiny: A Nation In Search of Its Soul, (Zondervan Publishing House, 1997).  He stated: “How much more forcefully can I say it? The time has come, and it is long overdue, when Christians and conservatives and all men and women who believe in the birthright of freedom must rise up and reclaim America for Jesus Christ.”

As the theocratic right declared war, they also declared themselves as imaginary victims of war. Church and State reported, April, 2003: “House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) is helping a controversial Religious Right group raise money to defeat a so-called ‘war on Christianity’ in America and preserve the nation’s alleged “Christian heritage.”

Richard Viguerie, a founder and organizer of the theocratic right, a pioneer in mail fundraising, spoke on December 15, 2004, to Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air. He said that his people’s beliefs had been attacked and victimized by secular society. This assertion has been repeated by a number of televangelists, especially Pat Robertson.

Tom DeLay endorsed a campaign by the Rev. Lou Sheldon’s Traditional Values Coalition (TVC), which claims that it would raise $12.6 million to “stop the all-out assault on Christians being waged by our government, by America’s educational institutions, by the media and throughout popular culture.”

When Judge Moore of Alabama insisted that the entire nation acknowledge his beliefs that the 10 Commandments are the perfect legal instrument, he was simply following the strategy of the Right Wing conspirators to demolish the Wall of Separation and install Christian slogans, monuments, and change the Constitution to match Christian’s sincerely felt beliefs.  His action was NOT original.  It was part of the overall conspiracy taking place all over the U.S.

Dominion Mandate

Dominion theology provides the theological rationale for a “Christian” nation and intends to take control of all institutions. Look it up if you want to hear overly zealous rhetoric.

John F. Sugg wrote in the Weekly Planet, Tampa, Florida, March 2004: “Dominion theologians … preached … that it was Christians’ job to take over the world and impose biblical rule. Christ would not return, they said, until the church had claimed dominion over all of the world’s governments and institutions.”…

In 2000, the Republican Party of Texas “affirms that the United States is a Christian nation.” That sentiment reached a national level. The Constitution Restoration Act of 2004 acknowledged Christianity’s God as the “sovereign source” of U.S. laws. It would reverse all judicial decisions which built a wall between church and state, and would prohibit federal judges from making such rulings in the future.

An article appeared in Harper’s, March, 2003 called “Jesus Plus Nothing: Undercover among America’s secret theocrats” by Jeff Sharlet. While the term “dominion” isn’t used, the goal is the same. Says Sharlet, the ultimate goal of the Family is “a government built by God,” which is by definition a theocracy. Theocracy is the civil rule of God, or the belief in government by divine guidance. On GNN.tv, June 13, 2003, Sharlet said, “We would be told time and time again, “Christ’s kingdom is not a democracy.’”
In case you’re not already scared out of your wits by all this, read an article by investigative journalist and former Naval Officer who worked for the National Security Agency, Wayne Madsen, about The Fellowship described in the Harper’s article, Jesus Plus Nothing. This is called “The ‘Christian’.” joan@theocracywatch.org)

The powerful Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives, Tom DeLay (R-TX) embodies government by divine guidance: “He [God] is using me, all the time, everywhere, to stand up for a biblical worldview in everything that I do and everywhere I am. He is training me.”

Tom DeLay represents an ultraconservative religious movement seeking to impose a narrow theological agenda on secular society. Chip Berlet and Margaret Quigley, senior analysts at Political Research Associates, named this movement the theocratic right:
“The predominantly Christian leadership envisions a religiously-based authoritarian society; therefore we prefer to describe this movement as the “theocratic right.” They seek radical change which appears to include bankrupting the federal government and shifting responsibility for welfare and education to the churches.

Television preacher Pat Robertson sent out a memo to his political organization in 1986 calling on his followers to “Rule the world for God.” That sums up the goals of the theocratic right, and explains their Congressional leadership which suspends the basic rules of Democracy: all that matters is winning, because it is for God. The ends justify the means.

The Christian Statesman is a publication of the National Reform Association. What is the National Reform Association?

“The mission of the National Reform Association is to maintain and promote in our national life the Christian principles of civil government, which include, but are not limited to, the following:”
“Jesus Christ is Lord in all aspects of life, including civil government.”
“Jesus Christ is, therefore, the Ruler of Nations, and should be explicitly confessed as such in any constitutional documents. The civil ruler is to be a servant of God, he derives his authority from God and he is duty-bound to govern according to the expressed will of God.”

“The civil government of our nation, its laws, institutions, and practices must therefore be conformed to the principles of Biblical law as revealed in the Old and New Testaments.”
Anyone who still believes that the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is, as George Bush explained, “compassionate conservativism”, spreading light and freedom across the world, really need their heads examined, because they form a very grave danger to our democracy in their pious zeal to “help God” by installing a corporate theocracy.

As Les in STUPIDEVILATHEIST often proclaims: “What the F*** are you People thinking.”




By Peter Fredson

Recently I had occasion to review thousands of files stored from the 1990’s.  The reason to look backwards was to understand the immense progress that Conservatives, both religious and political, have made in taking control of the Republican Party specifically and the United States in general

One quickly found answer was their growing familiarity with computer abilities to construct data bases, send out endless messages, seize control of media and WWW sites, and make linkages for instant communication. The hundreds of Conservative sites (perhaps thousands) is a testament to creating organization using technology. A for-instance is the recent incident when Janet Jackson showed a bit of nipple.  An outraged parson had his followers send 300,000 messages nearly overnight to Michael Powell asking for relief from this horrible deed.  We have many other instances when issues like gays and abortion and reelection of a president, brought instant messaging from millions of True Believers hooked up to data bases. Previous tactics of conservatives to use stealth, deceit and misinformation have now given way to raw imposition and brute display of power.

Looking at the Reagan years, we see the growing linkage of politics to religion when Ronnie made a concordat with the Vatican, and Nancy had a Court Astrologer forecast the direction this country should take. We had an influx of preachers into halls of government, when some became installed in Congress. It soon became politically correct to defer to religious pronouncements and to avoid “alienating” sensibilities of True Believers. At this time several religious organizations began their announced strategy of destroying the Separation of Church and State which made the U.S. a true democracy.

Skipping to the Clinton Administration, we see an affable intelligent well-meaning person who was also indoctrinated into Christian dogma of Arkansas flavor and made references to Biblical passages. He allowed further intrusion of Christian pretensions into the halls of government. The Christian strategists were like the fabled Camel that thrust its nose into an Arab tent and gradually forced the owner out into the night air.

But the great thrust of the merging of Christianity with government took place because Bill Clinton got sucked into sexual situations. This infuriated the sexually repressed old Republican fogies, who exerted every effort to throw the horny rascal out of office. (Partly in revenge for what happened to Tricky Dick and losing their majority in Congress.)  Their horrified fascination with fallatio created panic and consternation, probably staged.  Religious Conservatives began scaring the populace with stories about Satanic connection, the Road to Hell, and tales of an imaginary deity who might again unleash destruction of the earth because of his anger toward sodomites, secular humanists, and atheists. (During the 9/11 period Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell pontificated that destruction occurred because God was angry at perverts.)

Hillary Clinton used the phrase “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”, which caught attention. However conservative web sites soon appeared denigrating Hillary, mocking her dress, hair, clothes, speech in endless caricatures. The object was to divert attention from the actuality of the conspiracy and make it seem ridiculous. They pointed out that Hillary was a woman, which for old-line republicans was tantamount to having a Jonah on board. It was evidently unforgiveable for Republicans of the 1990’s to have to debate an intelligent logical woman who reduced them to blubbering hate-filled honkers and forced them to bring up every rhetorical gun in their arsenal. Conservatives like their women in the kitchen and bedroom, not in high levels of government.  Some conservatives used the phrase to mock the Clintons, such as the Web site, The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Looking at the files I saw the steady and relentless organization of activist Christians with the wealthiest of Corporate Executives. Yes, there really was a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, despite Right Wing attempts to pooh-pooh the idea, confuse the issue, and cover their tracks. Christian organizations, fronts, and think-tanks profilerated. Not by dozens, but by hundreds.

Now anyone can Google for information on the Conspiracy for Christian Domination.  It is NOT imaginary. The conspirators are now exultant at having won their battle to impose Christianity on the nation and they boastfully control the Republican party.
By the mid-70s, conservatives had created several foundations which poured bushels of dollars into the New Right movement coffers.  In the middle 1990s the most active foundations were:  Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Carthage Foundation, Earhart Foundation, the Koch Foundations, J.M. Foundation. Henry Salvatori Foundation, Philip M. McKenna and Smith Richardson Foundations.

Right Wing think tanks organized to control damage from critics were the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, the Hoover Institution, the Cato Institute, the Citizens for a Sound Economy, and many others. The Free Congress Foundation, runs a conservative cable channel, Hollywood’s Center for the Study of Public Culture and the Accuracy in Media foundation, sees liberal biases everywhere, Judicial Watch filed 18 lawsuits against the Clinton Administration. The Independent Women’s Forum planted female conservatives into the media. Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh became the hate mongers of the Right Wing. Then the True Believers started their own legal school and branch, the ACLJ, to counter the effects of the ACLU.

The Right Wing succeeded in dominating the Republican Party, controlling government agencies and in capturing control of Congress. It framed issues like abortion and gays seemingly to distract attention from failed attempts to actually run the country with tax-cuts and eliminating restrictions on environmental matters.  The Right Wing successfully parleyed people’s fears about sin, Hell, Heaven, Morality, sodomy, fellatio, the seeming loss of Traditional Values and the perception that their God and Bible was being neglected into cash contributions, votes and computer technology.  Homophobia, women’s rights, and a yearning for White Christian Supremacy appealed to the ignorant sheep-like masses of True Believers, who thought they were helping Jesus or God. The entire strategy of the Right Wing appealed to fear, not to reason. Racial resentment, bigotry and intolerance became mighty swords for the new crusaders.

Part of the Right Wing strategy was to undermine the entire system of public education and to Biblize the curriculum. School Prayer, Pledges Under God, Creationism, 10 Commandments and other religious slogans and dogma were passed into legislation by True Believer senators with an eye for the fast buck and assured votes.

Organizing works.

I urge anyone who wishes to know the extent to which religiosity has infiltrated government to read some of the following:
Try accessing:  http://publiceye.org from Political Research Associates,  or try: The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party from TheocracyWatch.org or The American Way or the ACLU. There are several dozen sites that will give you accurate information on the aims, strategy, tactics and logistics of this Conspiracy. Look up Americans United for Separation of Church and State site for accurate information on fundamentalist intentions and actions: http://www.au.org
Chip Berlet of Political Research Associates, that monitors the religious right, sums up the goals of the movement in a word: dominion. Sara Diamond in her book Road to Dominion is credited with recognizing dominion as a political goal. She defines Dominion Theology in an article for Z Magazine in 1985. Read it!

Katherine Yurica’s article, The Despoiling of America provides a comprehensive overview to Dominionism, the Bush administration, and the Neoconservatives. This is an especially important article.  Look up: EXPOSÉ: THE “CHRISTIAN” MAFIA, By Wayne Madsen
Meanwhile several blog sites like Stupidevilbastard have been showing the Machiavellian maneuvers of the Far Right, and trying to ameliorate the incessant attempts to impose a theocracy on everyone. Conservative blog sites abound, that attempt to show that everything is jim-dandy and honkey-dorey, no conspiracy, no fascism, just love of Jesus, Bush is really wonderful, our troops are magnificent, and Saddam had intentions to destroy us. They wave flags, thump bibles, hold up crucifixes, holler “Hallelujah” and “Praise the Lord.” They believe that if they say “Under God” this takes the curse off the nation and everybody can waft off peacefully to wherever Heaven for White Christians might be located. They plan to change the constitution and the nation into their idea of what God wants.