Reporting e-Mail Fraud

Hey everyone,

When I first joined this site, I used an e-mail address specifically created for here, from my domain.  I don’t recall using it elsewhere.  I’ve gotten some minor spam, but a couple of days ago I started to receive “phishing” fraudulent e-mails at this particular address.  Three pretended to be from eBay, and today I got one pretending to be from LaSalle Bank.  It said that after clicking on the link, I should enter my Social Security number as username and first six digits of SS# as password. 

Here is what I have done about it; if anyone can think of more useful ways to destroy these criminals, I’ll be glad to know about it.

I report all spam and fraudulent e-mails to SpamCop.  Additionally, I forward fraudulent e-mails to the FTC at spam|@| I went to eBay and reported each fake eBay e-mail, and I went to LaSalle Bank and did the same.  The place on these sites to look is generally called “Security”.

Anyone else had this happen lately?  If so, I suggest taking action on each one.  I think it’s worth the time.