The fallacies of gravity…

You read it right folks! Apparently gravity has some things wrong with it. When surfing the internet I came upon this wonderful gem:

Of note was this: number 3. on earth we see things that defy “gravity” on a daily basis. birds and airplanes for example. are you going to tell me that the gravity of the sun is strong enough to keep PLUTo in orbit but not an airplane or a little bird??????

It amazes me that some people can even think like this…or that they dont think at all. They even mess up a simple scientific fact like gravity. My sister understood gravity when she was 7 and its not like you dont learn this stuff in school. What could be going through these peoples heads to make them see gravity as a false concept? All this adds up to a new level of stupid. Thankefully there seem to be people on there who know what they are talking about. They gave Newtons formula and many other objects of proof that apply to gravity.

However what is also bothersome is that this goes on for 27 pages, 27 PAGES! How long should it take for a regular, clear thinking person to understand gravity? A few seconds as they can test it and see the results. Well it looks as though some people need 27 pages to get educated and to still not accept the fact of gravity. Its interesting to note that this same person or persons are the same ones (in some cases) who believe in god/Jesus and a savior just for them!