Why limit Intelligent Design to “evolution”?

ID gravity

As Intelligent Design accounts for the gaps in Darwinian “evolution” I feel that it is time for a Designer to come to the rescue of “gravity”.

All forces of nature are carried out by force carrying particles. To quote Arthur Smith- “Some force carrying particles have mass, and therefore they do not travel at the speed of light.  You can tell whether a force carrying particle has mass or not by how long-ranged the force is.  Gravity and electromagnetism have mass-less force carriers (the graviton – not yet observed – and the photon) while the strong and weak forces are very short-ranged, and have very massive force carriers.  The force carriers for the weak force are the W and Z particles (intermediate vector bosons) which were observed first about 10 years ago.” (Italics mine)

If “science” cannot even tell us what the fundamental particle of “gravity” is, maybe we need to look elsewhere for an explanation. ID Gravity theories suggest that just as people are designed to procreate Man/Woman, animals are designed to seek food, and trees are designed to transform carbon dioxide into oxygen, so objects are designed to be attracted to one another. Apples are designed to fall to Earth, and the moon was designed to orbit the Earth but “scientists” have mistaken this design as the theoretical “gravity”.

I say teach both theories and let students decide for themselves which is the Truth.