About SEB

Stupid Evil Bastard is the personal blog of Les Jenkins. It was started on December 2nd, 2001 and has been running more or less continuously with various levels of new entries ever since. In that time it has held two other names with Stupid Evil Bastard (henceforth referred to as SEB) holding on for the longest period of time. The blog has existed, as of this writing, for nine years and this about page, as of this writing, has existed in unfinished form since August of 2007. This is typical of a lot of things about SEB that are planned and then sit forgotten for long stretches of time. Eventually we got around to doing some Podcasts and someday we’ll try doing some video blog entries.

For the past several years Les has allowed regular visitors who have registered an account to submit entries for his consideration. As a result you may occasionally see entries authored by someone other than Les. Do not be alarmed. It is not a sign of a hacker invasion, just a small bit of audience participation. Often you’ll be able to determine when a guest post has gone up by the fact that suddenly the information provided is both coherent and entertaining which is all too rare in most of what shows up on the site, but if you’re in doubt then a quick glance at the avatar on the entry should help to identify when it’s Les and when it is not.

Being primarily the personal blog of Les Jenkins the topics will consist of whatever has managed to catch his ADD addled brain long enough for him to develop the motivation to write something about it. Common topics include Religion, Atheism, Politics, Gadgets, Video Games, Movies, Television, and Stupid People, but can include just about anything and probably will at one point in time or another. SEB is not a place for the easily offended as swearing is common and Les pretty much says whatever he’s thinking at the time. Some of the comment threads can get pretty rough at times so having a thick skin is definitely recommended if you want to join the fray. That said, everyone is welcome to participate and share their opinions. There are no hard rules on commenting though there are some guidelines to consider. In general comments will not be deleted unless they are spam, but Les reserves the right to delete any comment for any reason such as being an obvious attempt at trolling or for being completely off topic for the thread they were posted on.

Email Policy: Note that I reserve the right to publish emails sent to me based on how stupid, insulting, or just downright amusing I find them to be. This could include your name and email address for the ones with more egregious mangling of the English language and/or logic. I will, however, respect any request not to publish an email included in the missive. Also, I will never sell your email address to a third party.

Commenting Policy: Your first comment at SEB is always moderated, but if it is approved then any future comments by you won’t be held in the moderation queue. Any comments left with an obviously fake or inappropriate email address (e.g. no-comments@fuckyou.com) will be trashed without approval. If you’re too much of a coward to use your actual email address then there’s no point in approving your comment. Subscribing to a comment thread or blog notifications is purely opt-in. We do not sell email addresses to third parties for any reason and they are not displayed on the site so there’s no reason not to use a legit address.