It’s July 4th, 2019 and it’s feeling a little fascist out there.

I’ve not blogged anything in awhile in part because my creative juices have dried up and in part because every day there’s so many new outrages to come out of the Trump administration that it’s hard to keep up without being overwhelmed. Children in concentration camps, his unqualified kids sticking their noises in at the G20 summit, and now his big Russian styled military parade for the 4th of July.

This is why the title doesn’t wish you a Happy 4th. There’s nothing to be happy about this year. It’s all starting to feel way too much like the dictatorships Trump loves to buddy up to. More worrying to me, however, is how Trump has shown the willingness of Republicans to tolerate a wanna-be Stalin so long as he’s a Republican giving them want they want. Trump has already done so many things that they would’ve tried to impeach Obama for if he had done them that it really does put to bed any credibility they might have had. There was one Republican who stood up and called for impeachment, but he’s announced that he’s leaving the party so they don’t even have him to point to anymore.

So, have a safe July 4th. That’s the best I can do this year.

3 thoughts on “It’s July 4th, 2019 and it’s feeling a little fascist out there.

  1. Sorry your in Trumpland , looks like Englands going to have its own version hair and all with Boris , you know it’s not going to end well if you have someone called Boris as leader.

  2. I can sum that article up in one word: Prescient.

    Not that it was that hard to see coming to anyone who was paying attention. There’s not much Trump has done that has surprised me. What has surprised me is the depth to which the Republican party is willing to let him get away with it. Sure, I expected a few people in the GOP to be willing to take full advantage of a Trump presidency, but the complete abdication of the GOP to Trump is surprising.

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