I have been a homeowner for two years.

As of this past May 1st, I’ve officially owned a home for two years and we’ve lived in it for that long as of June 1st. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in that time it’s that I am not a great gardener or, for that matter, lawn up-keeper. I have a bad tendency of mowing the lawn once the grass has gone to seed which means that so far this year I’ve mowed it a grand total of three times. The lady we bought the house from was amazing at it. For example, when she was here our back yard looked like this:

So luscious! So colorful!

Today, our back yard looks like this:

Well, it’s at least green. Fortunately weeds are green.

The area behind the tree used to look like this:


And today it looks like this:

The opposite of tidy-tastic!

It’s probably for the best that I apologized to the neighbors the first time I met them. At least with all the rain stuff is relatively green compared to last summer when both front and back yards had a distinct brownness thanks to grass that had gone dormant from the heat. The front yard is still recovering from that and there are areas that are more weed than grass. The little kidney shaped flower garden has also lain fallow since we arrived.

Truth is, neither Anne or I are in much shape to be out on our hands and knees pulling weeds nor do I think we have the requisite skills to keeps things looking quite as good as the previous owner. I keep looking around to see if I can find someone I could hire to help whip things into shape, but you have to have surplus budget for that sort of thing.

You’ll note the difference in height pre and post-mow.

So, for now, I will continue to at least try to keep the grass at a reasonable height. I’m also trying to spray weed killer on the stuff growing in the cracks of the driveway and sidewalk, but I think I might have bought weed food instead of weed killer as it doesn’t seem to be having any impact. Frankly, I’m just glad we’ve made it through the first couple of years with the house still intact. The yard, not so much, but the house is still standing.

2 thoughts on “I have been a homeowner for two years.

  1. First, most Americans in these air conditioned and media obsessed times, live indoors much more than outdoors. Second, the grounds around most American homes are not designed with enough privacy to serve as living space anyway. Yards and borders exist almost exclusively for public display unless your preferred hobby happens to be ornamental gardening.

    If you are like me and derive little psychic income from impressing the neighbors, then the most rational course is to let the yard go to seed and spend your resources on more productive pursuits, including lazing around on the couch. My front yard and most of the back serve no purpose whatsoever in my life except to suck up time, energy, and money that I’d rather spend on something else. The kitties, who get more use out of the space than I, actually prefer it overgrown.

  2. All of that is certainly true in my case. I am indoors more than out and the majority of my lawn care is mowing when it gets conspicuously long. Otherwise the weeds have the run of the joint. We keep both cats inside so they have little say in the matter.

    That said, I can appreciate the beauty the previous owner had managed and I do feel slightly guilty to my neighbors for the that loss. Not enough to find the motivation to try to do better, but still…

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