You can take your fandom too far.

I’ve said before that I do appreciate it when the Trumpsters self-identify because it makes it easier to know who to avoid talking to, but you can overdo it:

He's more 'MURICA! than anyone else he knows!
They’re more ‘MURICA! than anyone else they know!

Dude, we get it. You’re a raging asshole who is apparently willing to risk traffic tickets to tell the world whose dick you’d be more than happy to ride on for a few hours, but you could’ve saved time and money with just a couple of those on your bumper. That’d be all it would take to insure anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together would leave you alone.

Perhaps you should consider taking up a hobby. May I suggest meditation? In a straight-jacket?

2 thoughts on “You can take your fandom too far.

  1. Is he as big an asshole as people who pushed a Russian collusion conspiracy theory with faked evidence for two years without a care how much it tore the country apart? Some fucking skeptic you are.

  2. Have you read the full report from Robert Mueller? (Rhetorical question, I know you haven’t.)

    A four page summary from a guy who got the job by writing an unsolicited memo saying he didn’t think Trump was involved in obstruction of justice and the Mueller investigation was “fatally misconceived” doesn’t prove much of anything other than a lackey hand-picked for his willingness to confirm what Trump wants to be true has done the job he was hired for.

    In other words, until I’ve seen the full report from Mueller, which appears to be unlikely at this point, I remain skeptical that Attorney General William Barr’s summary is 100% accurate. Surely if the report exonerates Trump completely there is no reason to not have released it in full and unredacted immediately, yes?

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