It’s back! Return of the Son of the SEB PODCAST!

Despite it being almost three years since the last one and no one suggesting anything for us to talk about, Dave Hill and I managed to blather on for an hour about whatever we wanted to including some spoilery talk on Avengers: Infinity War. You’ll find it embedded below and the spoilers start at 47:17 so skp the last 13 minutes if you don’t want to hear them:

5 thoughts on “It’s back! Return of the Son of the SEB PODCAST!

  1. I wasn’t checking your blog so often, and now I feel bad because I missed it when it came out.

    Now I watched it and I really liked it. I’m really interested in US politics as seen from inside, so, hopefully, there will be more podcasts like this. Also really enjoyed your discussion of the The Avengers movie.

    Thank you, Les and Dave!

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