Too Much Faith Will Make You Crazy: “God Will Protect Us” edition.

On occasion my mother has recited a story about a deeply religious family member who refused to leave his armchair when his house caught fire due to his utter conviction that God would protect him. He died in that fire because God had other things to do at that moment. That bit of family lore came to mind when I read the following news item:

Cops: Mom crashed car to prove to kids God is real

Bahari Shaquille Warren, 25, faces two counts child cruelty in Wednesday’s crash, according to Gwinnett County jail records.

Authorities said the mother was traveling northbound on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard when she crossed into the southbound lanes and drove head on into a pole, Channel 2 Action News reported. Her children, ages 5 and 7, were in the backseat.

According to the kids, Warren decided she needed to impress upon them that God was real and that he would protect them. The best way should come up with to demonstrate this was to drive into a pole with the kids strapped into the backseat:

“…Her eyes (were) closed and she was saying, ‘blah, blah, blah, I love God,’” the girl said. “She didn’t want us to just have a car accident. She wanted us to know that God is real.”

Police said Warren told her children to buckle up their seat belts before she rammed into the pole, Channel 2 reported. Warren later admitted to cops she intentionally crashed the car to prove to her children God is real.

One has to question her confidence in God considering she told the kids to buckle up just before ramming the pole. It’s not clear what she expected to happen, whether she thought God would prevent the car from hitting the pole or just keep them from being seriously hurt, but I’d argue the seatbelts and the design of modern day vehicles did more than God in terms of protecting them. Maybe she thought God would swap her out with a mother than wasn’t crazy.

The end result is the kids are OK and in the custody of their grandparents and mom went to jail with a $22,000 bond. God couldn’t be reached for comment.

5 thoughts on “Too Much Faith Will Make You Crazy: “God Will Protect Us” edition.

  1. Do you think was impressive to the kids or did they think mom’s lost her marbles.

    I vote for the second one

  2. Sounds like she listens to incompetent God-botherers, the sort that incline me to make an exception in my disbelief in Hell.

  3. Reminds me of that old joke. Abbreviated version:

    Pious man on top of roof during flooding. Boat comes to rescue him. Man says, “God will save me.” Next, a helicopter comes as the waves are practically lapping at his feet. He refuses help, saying, “God will save me.” Finally, he’s swept away by the deluge and a man on a bridge offers him a branch, but he refuses to grab it, saying that god will save him.

    Eventually he is swept out to sea and drowns.

    When he gets to heaven, he meets God, and says, “My God, why didn’t you save me!”

    “Are you kidding! First I sent a boat, then I sent a helicopter, then a man with a branch!”

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