Well, that election didn’t turn out like I thought it would.

I admit it. Back when Trump first announced his candidacy, I thought he was mainly doing it as a publicity stunt. As he came closer and closer to winning the nomination my incredulity only grew. There was no way he’d be the nominee because the Republicans weren’t that crazy, right? Surely they were sane enough to recognize how unfit for office this man was and yet he still became their nominee. I got a little worried then. Not too worried, though, because there was a part of me that still couldn’t believe the populace would hand him the reigns to the country. Just based on some of the horrible things he said — let alone some of his past actions — it seemed clear to me that any rational person would see this was not a man who should be President. Yeah, I can be foolishly optimistic at times. To the point that it can override my natural tendency towards cynicism.

So, I wake up yesterday and Donald Trump is President-elect. My first thought was: “Well shit.”

I often annoy my wife by trying hard not to speculate on what other people’s motives are. I try very hard not to assume I know why two people are fighting or who is right out or wrong unless I have a great deal more data than I usually do. Why did so many people vote for someone I find personally reprehensible for President? Someone who might do damage to our country that could take decades to undo? I’ve heard all sorts of reasons. Any and/or all of which might have been why. My natural inclination is to think we’ve all lost our goddamned minds, but I know that’s not really true. I don’t know that I’m smart enough to puzzle out the answers and there are others already analyzing the hell out of this election that are better qualified to pontificate on it.

What I do know is that this is the reality we live in now and we’re going to have to deal with the good, bad, and ugly as it comes along. There are a lot of people that are scared shitless right now — minorities, LGTB, etc. — and with good reason given some of of things the President-elect has said he will do. I can’t change the election, but I can do my part to try and stop the damage this administration may try to do. I’ll be reupping my membership in the ACLU for starters (https://www.aclu.org/) and I’ll be donating to a few other organizations when I can. Groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (https://www.eff.org/) and Americans United for Separation of Chuch and State (https://www.au.org/).

I’m also going to try and keep an open mind about President Trump. I don’t know that he fully understands just what he’s gotten himself into and I hope — that small knot of optimism again — that once it starts to dawn on him that it’ll sober him up a bit. I even dare to hold out hope that maybe, just maybe, it’ll make him a better person and a not-entirely-terrible President. My inner cynic laughs at the thought and I’m not one to buy into miracles, but I was so wrong about how this election would go that I cannot ignore that I might be wrong about how the resulting administration will turn out. Right now, hope is all I got so I’ll cling to it.

That said, you can bet your sweet ass that if he does turn out to be as horrible as I fear he will be that I’ll be blogging about it. I’ve not been as active on here since Obama got into office whereas I was all over Bush’s shit. If nothing else good comes from this at least it may be the catalyst that gets me back into blogging regularly once more. I’m not planning on packing up and fleeing to another country. This one is as much mine as it is anyone else’s and it won’t progress from my turning tail and running away.

For now I’m going to try and focus on the good stuff in my life. Friends and family and the upcoming holidays. There’s still lots of things in the world that make life worth living. Yeah it’s that old hoary chestnut of counting your blessings, but it does help sometimes. Shit is probably going to get rough in the near future and I will deal with it as I see it coming down the pike and I’ll try to help others along the way.

Until then, there’s this:


4 thoughts on “Well, that election didn’t turn out like I thought it would.

  1. Turned to exactly like I thought it would.
    The split second Clinton finalized the stealing of the primary Trump won.
    Sanders won the primary by a mile, had massive enthusiasm from voters
    The DNC stole the primary then essentially replaced the people’s candidate (Ghandi) with (Mussolini ) and then laughed in the face of their entire base and said you either vote for Mussolini or you get Hitler.

    Then they expect us go out and enthusiastically wait in line to vote for a scumbag after stealing the primary?


    She had zero chance from day one and the whole democratic base was screaming it from the rooftops .

    The DNC fought against Sanders while fighting FOR Trump.
    How could anyone sane expect a different outcome than what happened?
    The DNC hated Sanders more than they hate Trump, so now they reap what they sow

  2. How could you have not seen this coming? All the poorly educated white people hate having a negro in office but they sure as hell ain’t gonna let no WOMAN take away their guns!

    This was our best chance ever for a third party to make it into the debates this year and locked into the debates next year. But the primary parties blocked them out and they came in just below the 5% needed to headline with the major parties next year.

    The next four years are going to be rough. We are going to wish we were back in the Baby Bush days. But, it will be interesting to see just how bad he will fuck things up.

    I bet $5 he will be the first president to offensively use a nuke.

  3. Trump got scarcely less of the “white women” vote than Romney did — 53% vs. 56%. The “shy Trump voter” who can live with “grab ’em by the pussy” is was what the polls failed to account for. The strength of the Bubba white dude vote was well-accounted for. They weren’t shy.

    Clinton still hasn’t figured out electoral math. She won the popular vote in the 2008 primaries, too. I never understood why she was attempting to expand the map in Arizona late in the game rather than solidify what she had when the polls were tigjtening.

    I didn’t think either major candidate was a good role model. I was prepared to be disgusted no matter who won. I was surprised by the outcome, especailly here, because I expected Oakland County to align closely with Michigan’s vote like it has my entire adult life, and that didn’t happen.

    Now to prepare for the downturn in the economy… bleah.

  4. The reason for Trumps victory had much less to do with the plethora of inbred Christian white trash than it did the fact that the DNC purposely had the entirety of the MSM inflate his status with endless coverage and $2+ Billion dollars worth of free advertising on order to make him the nominee.

    They state this in the emails.

    Then they made the fatal mistake of blatantly stealing the primary for Clinton.
    In reality Sanders won the primary and did so handily.
    The exit polls prove this.
    Any other country on the planet if exit polls were as far off as about 15 states were then that election would have declared fraudulent right then and there and the culprits hunted down.

    Here in the US the media which obviously is in collusion with the DNC to steal the primary they remained silent and of course millions of Sanders supporters shouting from the rooftops were all ignored or demonized.
    So the DNC with the help of the entire media literally propped up Clinton claiming she won the primary and then using the old manipulated bullshit polls trick trying in desperation to trick the simple minded into believing this fucking neocon criminal with the second lowest favorability rating in history that was rarely able to get more than 500 people to a rally anywhere in the country just beat the guy with the highest favorability rating since FDR that was drawing 20,000 to 30,000+ to rallies everywhere he went with massive enthusiasm.

    Now think about how totally one sided that is, and then think about how easily they got away with it.

    The media totally ignored Sanders when his rallies were massive and like a rock concert, but Clinton which rarely even had a rally because it looked so bad when just 200 idiots show up they would cover every one and never show the “crowd” they just built up smiling jackasses behind her in stands so it looked like more were there.

    Even with Trump they covered every single rally he did, one in particular was so over estimated that it was hilarious.
    All the media was there lying saying the stadium was packed full with more than 30,000 people but pictures on twitter showed that over half the stadium was completely shut off and not one single person allowed on it so they overcrowded 1/3rd of the stadium at one end to give the appearance of a totally full stadium.
    And that was Trumps largest rally but it wasn’t even remotely close to the 30,000+ the media claimed it was between 12,000 to 15,000.

    The media hyped up Trump to get the simple minded Reich wing Christofascist lunatics all frothing at the mouth to vote for him.
    Then propped up Clinton in polls that were pure bullshit.
    Clinton never had any chance whatsoever to anyone that was paying attention to the scam.

    Then after stealing the nomination from the most popular candidate in modern history, they replaced that candidate with the second most unpopular candidate in modern history and then literally demonized at least 50% of their entire base.
    Then said, you got no choice but to vote for this corporate piece of shit because, TRUMP.
    So they got the crazies, the nutbags, the racist, and those that have just had enough of the establishment politicians all revved up to vote FOR Trump.
    Then completely did the opposite for the democrats.
    Replaced the real people’s choice with the worst democratic candidate in history that lied continuously and told their base to fuck off we don’t need you.
    This is why this bitch went hard right the day she stole the nomination and then chose a full blown right wing lunatic as her running mate instead of either Bernie Sanders or Warren.

    They went after the vote of Republicans! While telling their entire base to fuck themselves.

    Now explain to me how it would even be possible to win.

    This is 101% the fault of the collusion between the DNC and the MSM to steal the election for their chosen Queen. It failed in spectacular fashion.

    Every Sanders supporter saw this coming on day one of the stolen primary.

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