John Oliver takes a good look at Third Party candidates.

There’s a handful of folks I’m friends with on FB that have been encouraging people to vote Third Party this year. Mainly they’re promoting either Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party or Jill Stein of the Green party. I have to wonder how much research they’ve put into their choices because even though both candidates have a couple of policy ideas that I could get behind, when you look at what they’re proposing in total you begin to realize that they’re really not a good alternative.

John Oliver on Last Week Tonight decided to do a segment on them to find out what they really stand for:

In all honesty, I would be hard pressed to decide between Trump, Johnson, and Stein for worst possible candidate though just on pure horribleness as a person alone it would probably go to Trump. That said, I don’t think Stein or Johnson would be that much better of a candidate given their lack of knowledge of their own policy proposals and/or how the government actually works.

I’m far from a fan of Hillary Clinton, but she is the single most qualified and probably least dangerous option out of all the available ones this election. Certainly she’s the one I would lose the least amount of sleep over.

3 thoughts on “John Oliver takes a good look at Third Party candidates.

  1. and what exactly has Jill Stein said policy wise that you could possibly disagree with?
    Just curious.
    BTW Clinton would be BY FAR the worst of the bunch because she is a full blown Reich wing corporatist that the Tpublicans will rally behind policy wise. She will give them everything they want even worse than Obama.
    Why do you think that all the insane Reich wing Neofascist like the Bush family, Cheney, the Koch’s, basically the entire cadre of Reich wing lunatics from 15 years ago are all backing/endorsing her?

    At least with Trump nothing he has been spewing would ever be implemented as both parties would fight him tooth and nail.
    Clinton is a dangerous war hawk that will get extremely bad policy passed. Would be our greatest threat/path to WWIII than ANY other candidate.

    The democrats have shown that policy wise they are just as bad as tpublicans, the one and only difference between them today is the Tpublicans are Religiously Insane.

    If you want any change at all for the bottom 98% then Green Party is your only viable option.
    Before I would vote for either Trump or Clinton I would honestly vote for Vermin Supreme without a moment’s hesitation.
    I flatly refuse to reward Clinton and the DNC for blatantly STEALING the nomination, sets a very bad precedent.
    Also, Clinton will be such a complete nightmare that in 2020 and beyond the Tpublicans will totally sweep everything and then we really will be fucked.
    Trump is a blowhard buffoon that was chosen and propped up by the DNC and the MSM, given about 4 billion worth of free promotional advertising so he could easily be defeated, they fully admit this in their emails.
    Problem is that Clinton is such a horrible candidate that even Trump is beating her. and YES he is beating her regardless what the bullshit media spews because if even 5% of Bernie sanders supporters do not vote for her then she loses and at least 50% of them are not going to vote for her under any circumstances. So she can not “legally” win this general election, just like she couldn’t legally win the primary.
    But fear not because this election was stolen years ago.
    Clinton will in fact “win” because that is who the MSM, the Banksters, the oligarchs, and all the other pure scum of society have BOUGHT.

    Stealing an election is child’s play today, we have a fully complicit media spewing propaganda for the simple minded to swallow.
    We have easily hackable voting machines that leave no paper trail or trace, we have an electoral college that makes it so easy its comical.
    All they need to do is simply switch a percentage of votes in just a few districts in about 3 states, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and viola.

    So I hope that Trump doesn’t just accept the stolen election and takes Clinton to court refuses to concede etc.
    Still, won’t do any good because Clinton has all the strings nicely wrapped up, the media will vehemently defend her and spread bullshit and the simple minded will swallow it.
    But it will at least get more to realize that the system is corrupt to the core and totally unsalvageable.

    But don’t be fooled by Clinton’s bullshit, you are way smarter than that.

  2. Wow, that’s quite the conspiracy theory you’re spinning there, Nunya. Though I have to wonder, if you really believe she’s going to win by stealing the election, then what’s the point in voting for Jill Stein at all? It won’t make a bit of difference according to what you’re posted above.

    That said, I don’t buy into your theory. Clinton has her faults, but she is the least worst option by a long shot from what I’ve seen. When Jill Stein tries to explain how she’ll erase the current generation’s student debt it becomes clear that she doesn’t have a coherent plan that’s based in reality. Her statements on vaccines are simply worrying coming from someone who is a doctor. In fact, looking at any of the policies she’s listed on her website it’s clear there’s a distinct lack of detail on how she plans to accomplish any of those things. Especially if she’s dealing with a congress consisting mainly of Democrats and Republicans.

  3. The person who shares my values the most is me. I would be the most liberal candidate of all-time, by a wide margin. But if I write my name in and I vote for myself, I will lose emphatically and prove nothing. My desire for purity would be a vice, not a virtue. Likewise, the notion of voting for a candidate who has no chance, like Jill Stein, is meaningless and self-defeating.

    The Republicans as they are currently constituted should be repudiated. And I am here only just talking about the Republican Party under the Paul Ryan wing, which refuses to consider even Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court. If you want to “fix Washington” you can start by hurling these Republicans out of congress.

    The Trump wing, on the other hand, should be resisted as though this were Iwo Jima or D-Day: there can be no ground given. Hillary Clinton is no one’s idea of the perfect liberal, but if Hillary is four more years of Obama then that is just fine compared to letting the most perverse of America’s Right take the country again into uncharted territory of self-destruction likely worse than the Bush years.

    The United States is not perfect, no society can be. A still more perfect union is to be desired, but it would be unhinged to deny the great privilege it is to live in the United States in the 21st century compared to most societies in most periods of history. To let Trump win because you lust for slightly more change is to risk killing the golden goose. This reality should be recognized by conservatives as well as liberals, and indeed many conservatives have come out against Trump.

    The formula for a more liberal America is protest, activism, and support for the Sanders’ wing of the Democratic Party. Voting for Sanders was the proudest vote of my life. But in general election season, you take what you can get. Hillary Clinton is not entitled to your vote, but it is nevertheless true that a vote for anyone other than Hillary is a vote for Trump. If you live in a swing state and you do not vote for Hillary, you are indeed supporting Trump: neutral action is still action, neutral action still has its beneficiaries. A vote for Trump is a vote for decay.

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