A thought I had just before bedtime last night.


Consider this my first vlog. It’s short and was done spur of the moment after reading on Facebook that someone’s kid had a letter sent home from the school warning parents about clown sightings in the area.  It was also recorded on the fly just before I went to bed so that’s why I don’t have a shirt on.

3 thoughts on “A thought I had just before bedtime last night.

  1. I spent 20 years of my life being a clown part time. I did parties, parades and meet and greets. I love that part of my life because I could make everyone laugh or smile (even the old ones like myself). I never touched anyone unless we agreed on a hug.

    The world has too many people looking for stupid things to scare others about. Let try finding something good to improve our lives not make us live in fear.

    Les’ mom

  2. Hey I found my Michigan Bell Clowns Galore jacket in storage Thursday and I’m going to wear that out in public and watch people’s faces. I also found my sweatshirt with my likeness as Merribell painted on it. I’m going to have fun with this.

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