Voting is important. Make sure you cast yours this November.

We Americans sure do love to holler about how patriotic we are. We slap bumper stickers on our cars with various slogans and apply images of the flag to every surface that can be printed on and we chant “USA! USA! USA!” at every opportunity. Yet nearly half of all eligible Americans don’t bother to do one of the most patriotic things possible: Voting.

If you’re eligible, but not registered to vote the folks at can help you with getting that done so you can exercise one of your fundamental rights as an American. In Michigan the deadline to register, either in person or by mail, is October 11th. That’s only a couple of weeks away. This is arguably one of the most important elections ever — certainly within my lifetime. Prove just how patriotic you are by casting your vote on November 8th.

Don’t do it just because you want to see Mark Ruffalo naked. Do it because it’s your civic duty.

2 thoughts on “Voting is important. Make sure you cast yours this November.

  1. Apparently it hardly matters anymore.
    Bernie Sanders without any question won the Democratic primary, yet they coronated a Reich wing neocon and slapped millions of us in the face and now expect us to vote for a damn neocon that stole the nomination?

    I am no longer a democrat and will never vote for another democrat ever again.
    Green Party only and don’t give a shit if they never win an election, my conscience will be clear.

    I flatly refuse to pretend to vote for the lesser of two ridiculously bad evils.
    I will vote for the one and only candidate that isn’t a lying sack of corporate shit.

    Jill Stein.

  2. I’m not sure what you’re basing your claim that “Bernie Sanders without any question won the Democratic primary” on. Not even Bernie Sanders is making that claim and I would think he would know best.

    Other than that, so long as you are truly voting your conscious then I applaud the fact that you are voting.

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