Go ahead. Ask me anything.

Just when it seemed like my blogging was picking up I go and slack off again. I tried to write a couple of things about the RNC and DNC, but the truth is I thought the former was a stunning shitstorm and the latter — so far — has been impressively optimistic, but then that probably goes without saying so I didn’t say it. Well, I suppose I did just say it, but I didn’t write a big blog post about either one.

I’m not sure how many folks are still checking in with SEB regularly, but I thought I’d take a chance and start a thread where I encourage those of you who are still here to ask me any questions you’d like me to try and answer. Anything at all. I can’t promise you my answers will be particularly insightful, but perhaps they’ll at least be mildly entertaining. More importantly, I thought I’d give the responses as a vlog so you can see my fugly mug and hear my melodious voice in all its sarcastic glory.

So, what are you itching to ask?

6 thoughts on “Go ahead. Ask me anything.

  1. You seem to stay clear of politics so I’ve just got to ask you Trump or Hillary for president ?

  2. What games are on the horizon that your credit card doesn’t want you to know about?

  3. Would Trump’s smallish hands keep you from voting for him? What about Hillary……..Does her lack of judgement in failing to use secured servers for emails work against her? Are there any other voting options……Maybe you feel the Bern? Spoil the ballot? Don’t vote?

  4. Incidentally, I still plan on doing this. I’ve been testing a couple of different cameras — my Nexus 5 and my Canon PowerShot A3300 IS — and studying up on how to do a proper vlog. I also have an old Microsoft LifeCam Cinema that I originally bought for just this purpose (which tells you how long I’ve been thinking about trying this) that for some reason won’t go beyond 160×160 resolution under Windows 10 without a lot of fiddling with older drivers and unplugging and plugging only to have it revert back to its problematic state a little later. Both the Canon camera and the LifeCam are only capable of 720p video too while my Nexus will do 720p on the front camera (where I can see what I’m doing) or 1080p if I don’t mind staring at the back of my phone and not seeing what I’m doing.

    In short, my first attempt at this is going to suck as I know next to nothing about what I’m doing, don’t have anything in the way of lighting or proper sound recording, and haven’t a clue how to use a proper video editing tool. What the hell, I’m still going to give it a go.

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