Yet another reason why Christians are seen as the bad guys.

andthentheresthisassholeBack in 2009, Decrepit Old Fool wrote an entry for SEB about his discussion with a Christian minister who asked why Christians are seen as the bad guys. It’s a topic I’ve used several times since then, but I’ve not hit upon it in awhile. There’s enough Christians out there giving themselves a bad name that I could almost make it the sole topic of every entry and never run out of material and that gets old fast. Yet every now and then I run across an example that is so egregious that I just can’t help but put it on display.

Meet “God Warrior” Marguerite Perrin who has taken it upon herself to warn the blissfully ignorant shoppers at her local Target of the dangers dwelling in the store’s bathrooms:

It’s bad enough she decided to make an ass out of herself in public, but did she really have to drag her poor kids along with her? I love how the teen on her left spends most of the video looking down at his phone so as to avoid making eye contact with anyone. She didn’t accomplish anything with this nonsense other than perhaps alarming a few folks that a crazy lady was loose in the store.

You wanna know why Christians are often seen as the bad guys? This woman right here is a good example.

3 thoughts on “Yet another reason why Christians are seen as the bad guys.

  1. Hmmm. She has twelve kids — makes me wonder where the rest were.

    But, yes, your underlying point is that this is a great example of why Christians are seen as the Bad Guys, particularly since these sort of yahoos are the loudest and most publicity-seeking (and publicity-getting) Christians out there.

    For what it’s worth, I won’t go all No True Scotsman, but she certainly doesn’t sound or act like the Christians I know. Or, for that matter, much like Christ.

  2. Angela Cummings sounds just like Sgt. Hartman in the movie ‘ Full Metal Jacket ‘ and I’ll bet she has seen the movie.

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