China has an amazing non-firework fireworks display.

Fireworks originated in China so it’s easy to see why they’d be a big deal there, but back at the beginning they were reserved for rich people to enjoy. What do you do when you live in a poor rural part of the country, but still want to ring in the Chinese New Year? Well, you get the local blacksmith to put on a show by hurling molten metal on the city’s wall:

This is amazing both for its beauty and its absurdity. My favorite part of it is the fact that the blacksmith holds no illusions about how stupidly dangerous this is and makes no grandiose claims that it’s the most beautiful form of fireworks. Just that, hey, we’ve been doing this for 500 years so why not?

4 thoughts on “China has an amazing non-firework fireworks display.

  1. This may be the most beautifully ridiculous way to celebrate I’ve ever seen… We need to start importing stuff like that… Go China?!

  2. Yeah, go China. Sure, the Chinese produce a lot of junk. If we stop buying the junk, they’ll stop producing it. Meanwhile, they do lots of good stuff too. For instance: small family workshops make woodworking rasps that are better than anything else available in the world, and dirt cheap.

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