The joy of living near asshole neighbors.

There’s always that one asshole in every neighborhood. I thought it was me, but it turns out I was wrong.

Instead, it’s a family with small children that apparently thinks that qualifies them to use one of the two handicapped spaces in our parking lot. There’s three different vehicles that fight over using that spot because it’s the closest to our building and none of them have handicapped tags. I’ve watched them park there and unload the car even when the spot RIGHT FUCKING NEXT TO IT is open. Apparently that extra 2 feet they’d have to walk is just too much for them. 99% of the time there’s is an available spot elsewhere in the lot they could’ve parked, but they choose not to because apparently the rules don’t apply to them.

Meet the Asshole Family.

Meet the Asshole Family. That black SUV in the next spot? that’s one of the other two cars that fight over the handicapped spot.

What happens when the lot, including the handicapped spots, are full?

That’s what I was greeted with when I stepped out the door this morning. The windows are fogged so that SUV has been on the sidewalk all night long. There’s a lot at the end of the sidewalk in that last pic that’s just across the street that we were told we should use if our lot is full. That lot is never full. It’s an extra 30 feet. I’ve parked there when I’ve had to. We go over there occasionally anyway as that’s where our building’s dumpsters are located.

I really hate to think I’ve evolved into that cranky bastard neighbor, but it appears that I have and I’ve contacted the Canton Township police department about these asshats. I know in the grand scheme of things this is a relatively minor offense, but I have bad knees and I still walk the extra distance when I have to. I have friends and family that have legit handicapped stickers who would not be able to make use of this spot because some asshole thinks their toddlers can’t walk the extra distance without being abducted or something.

Hey, at least I haven’t left them passive-aggressive printouts on their windshield… yet.

12 thoughts on “The joy of living near asshole neighbors.

  1. Yeah there’s always one , we have parking space for five cars , but our new neighbour always and i mean always parks his car at an angle so that only four cars can park . Very difficult to stay calm when its pouring with rain and you have to park further down the road.

  2. What gets on my nerves are the drivers who disdain turn signals and believe the stop sign means nothing.

  3. I feel your pain. I used to live in a neighborhood where most of the parking was street parking. Had a neighbor who was a self-employed trucker. When he was home for any length of time he would just up and park his semi on the street, usually blocking a good chunk of my driveway. Once I parked my car in “his” spot and he came to my place ranting and raving about how he had nowhere to park his truck. Despite it being illegal and damned inconsiderate.

    People, man.

  4. Any Ass-hat that abuses a Handicap parking spot – should be towed. And that also counts for the person that forgot to hang their tag. In BC, it’s illegal to drive with the tag in the window – $650.00 fine. Don’t know what the towing fee is for not displaying the tag, but why doe people always figure the rules are for everyone else? You know anyone with a big “beater” truck? an old rust-bucket Ford F350 or similar, park it behind the car that shouldn’t be using the handicap spot. Hang your tag in the window & go away for a while. I use my tag when I need to – lots of times I can walk & leave the spot for others, but if I needed the spot & and untagged car was in it – I would have zero problem with reporting it.

  5. I’ve been documenting violations daily with my cellphone and sending the pics to both Canton Township police and the apartment management. The former has instructed me to start calling dispatch as soon as I see the violation and they’ll send someone around if there’s nothing more important being handled at the time. The latter is working to identify the owners of the vehicles so they can speak to them directly.

    At this point it’s a toss-up whether they’ll get a stern talking to from the apartment folks or a ticket or towed vehicle from the police department, but one way or the other the situation will be addressed.

  6. I saw someone had a beautiful mural on their van.
    They also liked to play their music painfully loud & well after the noise bylaw says no.

    One day after many calls to the police, someone took a spray bomb – sprayed over the murals – the words – turn your F’ing stereo down.

    I guess the owner saw this as a losing battle & kept the stereo noise one heck of a lot lower.

    I wonder what a message stenciled on the car stating something like:
    “I like to abuse disabled parking; the rules don’t apply to me”
    would bring for the owners. You couldn’t go anywhere in the car without being centered out as a selfish jerk.

    All the best Les

  7. Shut up and quit yer bitchin! You’re just jealous and weak. I bet you won’t bust em in the mouth! You know why I know this? It’s because you’re whining like a bitch on the Internet! Set that vehicle on fire and they’ll never park it there ever again. {I am not an attorney and this is not legal advice}

  8. Of course I won’t bust them in the mouth. As annoying as this is, it’s not worthy of violence. I have moved from merely taking pictures to calling dispatch every time I find them (and anyone else) parked illegally. I’m sure the Canton Police department knows me by name now. Most recently it was this past Sunday. I figure after they get a few tickets they’ll learn not to do that.

  9. Hey Evil Bastard,

    I hear ya..To Me ,no you are not wrong to react the way you do, …todays’ mumblies are very entitled. Advertisers and government want child worship because they see current and future cash/revenue. (read Baby Boon, all of us pay for the entitlement of mummy, especially if you do not have children)

    My husband and myself being above slightly intelligent have asked ourselves WHY we would condemn another sentient and intelligent creature to a life sentence on this planet of idiots. Those of us who have been tormented by the howler monkeys calling themselves children in the public school system, and the howler monkeys in corporate , know exactly what I am talking about.
    Que Up Black Adder clip of choice—-> here

    Yes.. I have neighbors who are Mormon …we had bought the very FIRST HOUSE of our lives, only to be pissed with by the neighbor’ s entitlement..They have children- they have a right to make our lives hell.
    They told us, not asked…told us, within days of moving into our new home that they would put up sport equipment in front of our HOUSE> (not apartment, not condo- house)

    Add to that five solid years of having the door knocked twice a month sometimes twice a we3ek with jackassses wanting to tell me about Jeebus Crisco- and NOT answering the door does NOT work- they ring the door bell and start hammering until someone answers..(which gets my animals freaked out-not to mention my husband)

    Be that as it may, you probably have no idea how far the entitlement of the urban and suburban christian mummy extends- it is becoming all encompassing. Have they not shat forth the perfect snowflake? fall down and worship …you fool!

    Mummy is entitled to tell everyone else to NOT park in that space..but is ENTITLEED TO USE IT HERSELF.
    I kid you not, this jackass neighbor insists that I am impeding the flow of traffic by parking in front of my own house so he won’t put his crap there, but he parks on the street impeding traffic flow all the time..
    They are GOD”S CHOSEN and we have NO rights whatsoever.

    Currently trying to convince hubby to move to another country, one where being intelligent is not a badge of shame like it is here in the US.
    Oh…and Marry Crisco-mass.

    sign me yours truly
    Hideously Evil Bitch,

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