This is why I don’t watch horror movies.

I watched the horror movie Pay the Ghost last night and now I can’t get to sleep. Not because I’m too frightened, but because I can’t stop thinking about how the whole fucking story makes no sense whatsoever. It’s literally annoying me awake.

I’m debating writing or vlogging an entry about it that would completely spoil the movie not only by revealing the entirety of the plot, but also by pointing out how stupid it is.

5 thoughts on “This is why I don’t watch horror movies.

  1. Scary movies appear as an observation. A scary book will surface in dreams. I have even tried both. Read the book, and have nightmares. Then go see the same movie based on the book, and nothing happens.

    Books are generally better than the movie as a rule. Unless they are scary !

    I feel like I am totally there when I am reading. Not so much with film because I think of all the structure going on in the film. Lighting, actors, props, it just seems fake.

    Reading seems like reality….very strange how our minds make interpretations.

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