It looks like it’s going to be a sleepless night.

I apologize for not posting something sooner — it’s been long enough that my mother sent me an email asking me to update SEB — but it’s been a busy few weeks. Anne has started a new job that has her getting up at 5AM so the both of us have been going to bed earlier than usual the past couple of weeks.

I’ve also been heavily involved in a PC refresh at work. Most of the laptops we currently have are over 5 years old so the IT department has started purchasing replacements and I’ve been trying to upgrade anywhere from two to four people a day to their new machines. We only got 24 new machines in this first go-round, but that’s enough to keep me jumping. We’ll be doing several more batches throughout the year.

In addition to that, our company just struck a new deal with T-Mobile that sees everyone being upgraded from the crappy flip-phones they’ve been using to a brand spanking new iPhone 6s. Guess who also handles phone issues at our site? Since last Thursday we’ve been working on this and it’s been a painful learning process in part because upgrading from the flip-phones isn’t as simple as you’d think it would be and also because we’re offering to let people port over their personal numbers into a business number if they want to. Not to mention the process of setting up an iPhone to be managed by the IT department is easily a 40 minute process by itself. The amount of training I had on this was minimal due to the fact that the folks in Ohio who were teaching me weren’t completely up to speed on how to do everything themselves. This has resulted in any number of hiccups, but we’re slowly making progress and the folks I support have been very gracious in their patience.

Tonight, however, worries have me back out of bed at 11:30 in the evening and I’m not sure if I’ll get back to sleep tonight or not. Our emergency backup cat, Jasper, has suddenly started vomiting his food back up at least once a day for the past several days. My first thought was we got a bad batch of hard food, but Cuddles doesn’t seem to be having any issues himself. He doesn’t seem to be any less active than usual or showing any obvious signs of distress so we weren’t sure if there’s a serious problem or if he’s just eating too fast and getting sick after roughhousing with Cuddles. I called the vet’s office today and they said we better bring him in just in case so we have an appointment for Saturday afternoon.

My daughter is also having relationship issues with her mother at the moment that has resulted in a couple of exasperated phone calls from Courtney this evening, one of them after we had gone to bed. Things will probably have settled down by the morning, but it’s hard not to worry if she’s going to do something rash like try to live out of her car until she can afford an apartment because she and her mother can’t seem to get along anymore.

I’ve been laying in bed tossing and turning since the last phone call and I eventually decided to get up to pee. Jasper joined me in the bathroom where he jumped in the tub and crouched as though he were trying to urinate. This is way out of character for him and he stood that way for several minutes. When he finally moved there were two very small pools of urine in the tub. Barely any at all. One of the issues the vet was concerned about was dehydration from the vomiting and this would seem to confirm those worries. After I finished doing my business I went looking for him to see if he was OK and at first I couldn’t’ find him. Checking the litter boxes in the basement I noticed another very small pool of urine next to one so he’s clearly having issues.

I found him here in the computer room. He’s curled up on Anne’s chair sleeping next to me at the moment. Now I have to decide if I should take the day off and take him into urgent care or see if the vet can squeeze him in. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow so I really should go to work, but I don’t think I can risk waiting until Saturday to take him in. Anne certainly can’t take the day off as she just started this job a couple of weeks ago. Getting back to sleep with him in distress is probably not going to happen either even though he seems to be sleeping peacefully at the moment.

Lots of pressures and stresses at the moment. If I hadn’t already shaved my head my hair would probably be falling out. I hate this feeling of not knowing what to do whether it’s in trying to get someone a new phone to do their job or help my daughter to find a place of her own or whether to rush my cat into an animal urgent care. As a kid, the adults in my life always seemed to know what they were doing and I always figured that when the time came I’d know what to do too. I must have missed school the day that held that class because more often than not I’m just winging it by the minute and I hate that.

On a lighter note, I had been letting my hair grow out for the winter only to be reminded why I shave my head. Once it gets to a certain length it’s impossible to get it to behave and I end up looking like this:

You'll note the permanent wave I've got going on there.

You’ll note the permanent wave I’ve got going on there.

Last Wednesday I finally gave up and shaved it off so I’m back to looking like this:

Crazy eyebrows still intact.

Crazy eyebrows still intact.

Well, it’s now 12:08AM and I should probably try to go back to bed. Probably won’t, but I probably should. I’m feeling anxious and it’s amazing how well that suppresses any tiredness you’d otherwise feel. Here’s hoping the morning brings with it some clarity and positive resolutions to at least some of my immediate concerns.

9 thoughts on “It looks like it’s going to be a sleepless night.

  1. It is never just one thing is it. When stuff comes at me and it has been pretty steady for about 8 months now I breathe and remember that I can always get another job. Family, including pets and health both mental and physical comes first. Hope backup cat is ok, see the vet asap tomorrow. I can send you an alternate cat with IBS if you desire. That was our xmas present.

  2. Remember one step at a time. As to Courtney her nature is to cry wolf and then back down so that might clear soon. As for Jasper if the vet can’t see him sooner maybe it isn’t as urgent as you think. It is still your decision. As to work it is your bread and butter and it is important that you are there for the people who depend on you. so deep breath, think it out, then proceed with your decision. love mom

  3. Hi Les , would be interested on any thoughts you have on the presidential election ,
    what are your views on Trump ? who would you like to see as President ?

  4. Les, I have the same hair problem – but the opposite solution.

    When I moved from Florida to the mountains of North Carolina, I grew out my hair. In Florida I would buzz it off with clippers because of the heat. In the mountains, I just let it grow. There was a period of some months wherein my hair was “in transition” and I just had to deal with it. Eventually it was long enough to tie back. Four years on, I’m happy and hairy.

  5. I fear the cat could be too far gone to do anything but run up a vet bill, depends on how long it’s kidneys have been compromised. Might it be possible to drop the cat off at lunch and get the verdict after work? I do hope it turns out to be treatable, one gets attached to those small, furry, feature-reduced people.

  6. OK, here’s a quick update before I leave for work. I ended up taking the day off — in part because I’d gotten almost no sleep — and managed to get Jasper into the vet at 1:30PM. They kept him for a few hours to collect a urine sample and the final result is: He’s fine near as they can tell. No sign of crystals in his urine, no sign of blockage in his digestive track, he’s eating and drinking. They gave him a shot for nausea that should settle him down for a day or so, but otherwise they said to keep an eye on him and if he continues to vomit up food daily they’ll run some more tests.

    Of course the fun doesn’t end there. When I brought him home later in the evening, Cuddles had a fit. This isn’t entirely unusual after taking one of them to the vet, but usually things are back to normal by the next day. So far, they’re not. Cuddles is still acting like I’ve brought a strange cat into the house and continues to growl and spit and swipe at Jasper whenever they get too close to each other. Normally they eat breakfast together on separate placemats on opposite sides of their water fountain, but even that was too close this morning. Jasper was cowed at first, but this morning looks to be standing his ground a bit more. So far these encounters haven’t escalated into full-on cat fights so I’m hoping that stays the case while I’m at work.

  7. 2nd UPDATE Saturday, February 6, 2016:
    SEB threw away the hard cat food that Jasper was vomiting and I bought a small bag of a gentle formal dry food. That or time or both seem to do the trick. Jasper has been fine and dandy. Also, the cats are getting along better now. Not quite as chummy as before the vet visit, but tolerating one another well enough.

  8. I think everyone has disturbing issues from time to time. It’s part of life. I try to remind myself to look at problems in a different way. And it’s not just problems. It’s also the good upswings that come our way.. It’s how, and what we do with it that counts. ( What are we going to do now ? ) Life is a series of up and downs, and middle ground. We can handle a bad situation, and actually make it worse. We can also take good fortune, and handle it poorly. Life is handled best by being clever. Regardless of what is being thrown our way. It is kind of like setting in a hot car, and not being angry with the heat. It’s a matter of stabilizing our mind into the acceptance about the heat. And doing it intelligently. Higher emotional states deprive us in these times. It just gets in the way. Although emotion can be healthy. It means you care. It’s easier said than done, but sleep is important. There are exercises and light pharmaceuticals. ( Melatonin 5mg ) is actually good for you. I occasionally will even give it to my dog when he seems restless. The cherry flavored-dissolve under the tongue is my favorite. Breathing in for 4 seconds – hold for 4 – exhale for 7 also really does work. Clearing your mind with some meditative thinking. This is simply the art of putting our forward conscience on hold, and giving it a time out. Because when it’s time to make a decision. . . ( What are you going to do now ? ) And it’s an important question that we should be asking ourselves consistently. It’s a type of seeding of our living future, by living in the moment. One thing leads to another, which leads to another. We need to be positioned to do it the best way. Stress sucks !

    I like your page by the way. I have responded to many posts over the years. Only to delete them. I think I need to just see what I think by actually writing it out. I think this response I have written is more a note to myself. But it looks like a keeper. If I keep thinking about it. It will get deleted. So ( Post Comment ) Y:)

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